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News Round-Up – Everything Under the Sun

January 7, 2009

I’m slowly catching up from vacation time, and have the following interesting things for you:

MADRE is asking for donations to provide emergency medical supplies and relief in Gaza through their partnership with the Palestinian Medical Relief Society.

I feel sort of woefully underinformed about the Israel/Gaza situation, but Feministing rounded up a few links and bfp has a list of people twittering from inside Gaza. I know there’s a lot more material out there – feel free to leave it in the comments.

Another Memphis Transwoman Shot – TransGriot

Feel Like Shit or Shit Your Pants or Both! Why Choose? – Aunt B of Tiny Cat Pants on Alli ads. B curses a lot in this post, but she’s talking about pooping your pants, so you should just deal with it.

Renee at Womanist Musings on prison rape of women, specifically in Michigan. She also covers a police brutality incident in which a 12 year old girl was accused of being a prostitute, and, well, it’s just vile.

RHRealityCheck on the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

For Privacy’s Sake, Taking Risks to End Pregnancy – from the New York Times

Thanks to Miriam at Feministing for pointing to the environmental mess here in Tennessee. Tons of local folks have been blogging, twittering, communicating on Facebook, and the like, but I’m glad to see more national blogs paying attention.

I somehow missed “Blog for Lesbian Health Day,” but can still point you to the National Lesbian Health Summit site, which the day was intended to draw intention to.

The Department of Justice released new stats on violent crimes (including rape/sexual assault), which reminded me that after a flurry of attention in the middle of 2007, I haven’t heard much about the problem of high rates of rape among Native American women and the difficulties in prosecuting such cases.

Kate Harding (at Broadsheet) on chemotherapy dosing and weight.

Studies I haven’t actually read yet – home visits may reduce risk of low birth weight, and the risks of early planned c-section.

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