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Book Readin’ Round-Up

November 24, 2008

A few books I’ve read recently that you might be interested in:

And the Band Played On by Randy Shilts – No really, I was just getting to this one. As someone who was little when AIDS was being discovered and as the other events of Shilts’s work were happening, this was a fascinating read for me. Also a good illustration of how the public health decisions we make right now can dramatically affect the future.

Abortion & Life by Jennifer Baumgardner – Includes photos and “I had an abortion” stories from a number of women, including Ani Difranco. I probably shouldn’t have read it immediately after a number of heavy, well-detailed works, but I think this definitely has a place on the abortion bookshelf. The stories illustrate a variety of situations and choices.

Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Children from Sex by Judith Levine – This book is a few years old, but still worth a read with regards to sex education policies. Levine asks why abstinence is inherently a good thing, discusses how our American approach to sex and sex ed may actually be harmful to our children, and just challenges assumptions about these topics in general.

Our Daily Meds: How the Pharmaceutical Companies Transformed Themselves into Slick Marketing Machines and Hooked the Nation on Prescription Drugs by Melody Peterson – I’m currently reading this one. In the paraphrased words of a reviewer on GoodReads, I thought I was sufficiently cynical about the pharmaceutical industry before I started reading this, only to find out that I was wrong – I wasn’t nearly cynical enough.

If you’re interested in what I’m reading (how’s that for self-absorbed?) on an ongoing basis, you can check out my GoodReads profile.

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  1. November 25, 2008 10:59 am

    I’ve wanted to read the last one, but I have a question that you, as a person currently reading it, can probably answer: is it one that can be read in the 2 to 20 minute snippits of time in which I have to read, or does it need longer periods to study and digest? With the chaos that is my life, finding time to pour over a book is difficult, at best LOL However, with pesimst taking the little kids with him to the bball game tonight, I have a WHOLE HOUR free to read during the oldest boy’s practice. Hmm, maybe I should leave early and hit the library on the way…

  2. November 25, 2008 11:58 am

    Pixie, I’m reading it in bits, so I’d say it’s fine.

  3. katbur permalink
    November 25, 2008 8:34 pm

    For those of us who read And The Band Played On during the crisis re-reading it now is fascinating. If you haven’t read it in 15 years crack it open. It is truly amazing how things have changed.

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