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News Round-Up: Big Ol’ Bag of Repro Health Stuff

November 19, 2008

A few things that have caught my eye lately:

Several folks are talking about the HHS proposed rule on “physician conscience,” including equal employment opportunity concerns, the focus on pushing this through quickly without public hearing at the end of the Administration, and other issues. See Christine at OBOS, the New York Times, RH Reality Check, Feministing, and the Wall Street Journal Health Blog.

The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance has an online interview video with Kathy Bates talking about being an ovarian cancer survivor.

Monday at OBOS, I wrote about a Cochrane piece on midwife-led vs. other models of maternity care, including the findings and my reservations about the piece.

Anna Clark has an intriguing piece at RHRC on travel, lodging, and abortion access.

National Advocates for Pregnant Women is having a writing contest for law students, with a $1,000 prize. See their site for submission guidelines and details.

MADRE is having a “1 Minute Video Challenge,” asking you to upload your video to YouTube answering the question: how would YOU share the message that the new US administration must uphold human rights?

The National Women’s Health Network has a recent alert about OvaSure, explaining that “The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently warned that the marketing of a new ovarian cancer test violates the laws guarding against promotion of unproven technologies, vindicating skeptics like the National Women’s Health Network, who were concerned that the test was not ready to be used for routine cancer screening.”

And, oh yeah, I tried out for a local production of The Vagina Monologues. They didn’t pick me. This is not entirely shocking, as, despite the indication that no acting experience is needed, I really have no acting experience and have never auditioned for anything, ever. I’m thinking of trying out every single year until they pick me (just kidding. kind of.). It was fun to show up and try something entirely new, though.

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