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I’m Going to Marry Sarah Haskins and Samantha Bee and They’re Going to Tell Me Political Jokes as Bedtime Stories

September 6, 2008

Okay, I’m actually already married, and my state wouldn’t allow me to marry Sarah or Samantha, and certainly not both. Stupid WordPress won’t let me embed the videos, but if you watch the linked bits, you’ll see why I get a kick out of these funny women.

First, Samantha Bee on The Daily Show with Bristol Palin’s Choice. Republican convention attendees talk about personal family decisions that other people should stay out of. “Politics should stay out of people’s business.” Heh. Watch Samantha lead people to the word “choice.” Your cognitive dissonance quote of the day – “Freedom of choice – that’s different from being pro-choice.”

Next, Sarah Haskins has a new installment of “Target Women” on Sarah Palin, on the notion of voting for Palin just because she’s a woman. “Sexism exists, and the only way to fight it is to vote for a woman you may or may not agree with on any of the issues.”

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