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2008 Republican Platform Addresses Conscience, Opposes Abortion in All Cases

September 3, 2008

Today at OBOS, I have details on the new Republican Party Platform and its language on “conscience,” birth control, and abortion.

On Monday I had a round-up of links on occupational/work-related women’s health issues – check that out as well.

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  1. Michelle permalink
    September 12, 2008 4:10 pm

    After doing a lot of research about each party’s platform, I can fully analyze both groups with a clear perspective. Both of the Party’s have some very good ideas.


    The Democratic theme is “Renewing America’s Promises”. To do this they plan on jump-starting the economy and provide a Middle Class America’s immediate relief.

    This is a nice thought, but the question remains, how are they going to provide relief without raising taxes? Because the Democratic Party claims that they are not going to raise taxes on everyone but only those that make $250,000 a year and those that make under that will not get a tax raise. However, here’s the catch. Those that are making over $250,000 are only going to receive a tax raise of about $12.

    Also the Democratic Party wants to stop the drilling and turn to a more renewable source because they believe that it will reduce climate change and devastating weather patterns. They also want to lower the prices of gasoline and increase funds for low income citizens. Again , this would mean that they would have to raise taxes, and $12 from the upper-class society is not going to provide this assistance.

    Obama’s plan in the Democratic party is to end the war in Iraq and focus on other issues like the growing of other powers, etc. This is a nice idea and everything but seeming how Obama and Biden wanted to pull out of the war earlier, we can clearly see that it is hard for them to make these kind of decisions, considering Bush was right about keeping in a little longer.

    Democrats also want to give health care to all legal American citizens. AGAIN… this would mean raising taxes.

    Most of the ideas that I have reviewed from the Democratic Party are nice thoughts but I don’t see them working without a substantial increase in our taxes.Our government can’t fund the money, we’re to far in debt.


    Moving on to the Republican Party. For starters, the Republican Party wants to make Bush’s tax cuts more permanent for individuals and small businesses (Not for large cooperations). They also want to promote economic growth and job creation (I will discuss this more later on). Also the Democratic Party wants to restrain spending by the federal government.

    As I said before, Republicans want to promote economic growth and job creation. Much of this is planned to be accomplished by putting in the new $30 billion pipeline that will travel from Alaska to the lower 48 states. They plan to advance energy by promoting America’s four main sources of electricity, coal, nuclear, natural gas, and renewable sources.

    When discussing military, the Republican party wants to strengthen our military, deploy missile defense systems, and strengthen our ties to NATO. They wish to protect our homeland and achieve a sustained level of success and progress in Iraq. The Republican Party was right about keeping our troops in Iraq… we are winning the war.

    Like the Democrats, Republicans want to make Health care easier for American citizens. But instead of having the idea of creating health care for all, they basically want to make it more affordable with health deductions. However, they do wish to provide health care for the lower-class citizens who cannot afford it.

    There is still a lot to understand about the two party’s and it will take additional reviewing of the two to get an even clearer understanding of what each intentions are.


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