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News Round-Up

August 11, 2008

Heather Corinna has a piece at RHRealityCheck on ties between the American Pregnancy Association and crisis pregnancy centers. I have to admit, I’ve linked to APA a few times for information that was presented very clearly on various aspects of pregnancy. Many times, sites with unreliable information scream at me, it’s so obvious, but I don’t think I ever would have caught this. The National Library of Medicine apparently wouldn’t have, either, because their MedlinePlus page on pregnancy links to the APA, and those links are supposed to be well vetted. After having her suspicions raised, she had a volunteer call the organizations Helpline. Please see Heather’s post for more details, and what happened during the Helpline call.

At Our Bodies Our Blog today, I have a post linking to Childbirth Connection’s new report on women’s postpartum experiences. Also, Christine had another great Double Dose post yesterday with numerous stories of interest.

The Weekly Feminist Reader is up at Feministing, with links to entries on a number of repro rights topics.

brownfemipower has info on proposed changes to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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