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A Brief Open Letter to Barack Obama

July 19, 2008

Dear Senator Obama,

I recently read reports from your sister’s events in Tampa, I think it’s awesome that you gave your sister a copy of “Our Bodies, Ourselves”

“She said he taught her to ride a bicycle, made her practice harder math problems and start an exercise program, took her on college visits and even gave her her first women’s health book – “Our Bodies, Ourselves,” a 1973 guide that came out of the women’s movement and focused on female sexuality, health and hygiene.”

As one of the bloggers for OBOS, I can’t help being a little delighted by the notion – very cool. Please note that OBOS has since released new versions and a book for young women, so we’ll be looking for your order for the girls. 🙂

Speaking only for myself, now, I would like to hear more from you on this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, and this. I’d also like a pledge to not put anti-science, anti-woman yahoos in charge of, you know, science and women.

Okay? Thanks.

In fairness, a lot of these things I link are touched on in the Issues section of Obama’s site.

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  1. Arne N. Gjorgov, M.D., Ph.D. permalink
    July 21, 2008 1:38 am

    Ms. Rachel Walden
    MLIS (Nashville, TN)
    Message Box
    July 21, 2008

    Dear Madam:

    Prompted by your “Brief Open Letter to Barak Obama” (Women’s Health News, July 19, 2008), I would like to try to turn your attention to certain pivotal issues for women’s health, life, happiness and death, not considered in your ‘Open Letter.’

    The attitude toward the feminist manifesto “Our Bodies, Ourselves” book of 1973, seems ambivalent. Evidence from research studies have shown that the grave misconceptions of the book acted against the female sexuality rather than in favor of their unique natural capacity.

    The deadly condomization of female sexuality has been and still remains the foundation of the feminist allure, misconceived as “women’s rights” and “women’s lib.”

    The so called “comprehensive sex education,” again, is a disguised promotion of (illicit) condomization of the nascent sexuality of teenage schoolgirls and other young (college) women and beyond.

    The “breast cancer screening” and “early detection” is a downstream activity which denies the potential of primary (non-chemical) prevention of breast cancer as an epidemic disease (along with the variety of accompanying, widespread diseases of female reproductive system) in American and other women, globally.

    Almost 30 years ago, a hypothesis-testing study presented evidence of a significant association between the exposure to (use of) barrier contraception, meaning condom use and withdrawal practice, only, and the development of breast cancer in American married women. The evidence of the etiological link between condom use and breast cancer was greatly confirmed by the explicit prediction (warning) of the impending natural experiment of breast cancer upsurge, the rising epidemic still running strong, after the uncritical campaign for mass condom use of women in the mainstream population(s).

    Resent results of a study of anorexia-bulimia nervosa corroborated once again the evidence of the destructive, carcinogenic and deadly effects of condom use of underage girls. The “reproductive freedom” fallacy is based on the deadly false belief of the use of condoms as a “healthy” and “safe” device for fertility-control and family-planning purposes. (Perhaps the word “safe” should be deleted in matters of woman’s health.)

    Never mind the Planned Parenthood Federation rhetoric. It seems that PPF is one of the most refractory bodies in ignoring evidence to the contrary of their actions and of the surrounding reality of worsening women’s (ill) health and, especially pretending ignorance about the preventive potentials of women’s and family health. The PPF call to “stay informed” is utterly misleading, since the discrimination against women by suppressing and precluding women and couples from access to alternate information related to matters of women’s life and death such as, prevention of the current, excess breast cancer epidemic, prevention of the rampant anorexia-bulimia nervosa, and research on prevention of osteoporosis in women.

    Arne N. Gjorgov, M.D., Ph.D. (UNC-SPH, Chapel Hill, NC)

    Selected References:
    ♦ Barrier Contraception and Breast Cancer, 1980: x+164,
    ♦ Breast Cancer: Rationale for an Etiologic Hypothesis. A Reappraisal of the Clinical, Experimental, and Theoretical Aspects of Neoplastic Processes, Pseudopregnancy Complex, and the Possible Role of the Seminal Prostaglandins. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, 1980, and Matica Mak., Skopje, 1995. (Submitted to Library of the U.S. Congress, 1996.)
    ♦ A Review of osteoporosis in women and a new hypothesis for testing. Macedonian Journal of Medicine 2006; 52(1-2):5-21.
    ♦ Anorexia and bulimia nervosa in young female patients and barrier contraception practice. 2008. (Submitted for publication.)

    Editorial Note: All – please note that the comment above is from a past graduate of UNC’s School of Public Health, but the commenter is not a current or past faculty member, and does not speak on behalf of or in an official capacity for UNC or the School. -Rachel

  2. Susanna permalink
    July 22, 2008 4:09 pm


    I would like the details on the mechanism of how condoms cause breast cancer. Or Anorexia, for that matter.

    Could anyone make head or tails of what he is saying?

  3. July 22, 2008 4:32 pm

    Susanna, no kidding. I was really skeptical that a current public health person would make those kinds of claims, which is why I contacted them to verify.

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