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An Excellent Breastfeeding in Public Post

June 26, 2008

Through the magic of trackbacks, I discovered this blog post at “3 Boys and an Angel” taking on the recent story of a woman in a Murfreesboro, TN courthouse who was asked to move to a “more discreet” location to breastfeed, despite TN law protecting her right to feed her child. A sergeant involved in the incident said if the woman had covered up it wouldn’t have been a problem, despite the law explicitly not requiring such coverage.

The blogger asks these pertinent questions:

Today, I read another story, and this statement bothers me: “The Sheriff’s Department acknowledges in the statement that breastfeeding is legal in Tennessee, but if there are complaints, they ask women to cover up or move to a private area.”

Hmmm, let’s see…
Why suggest the mother cover up or move to a private location at all? Why not simply tell those who were complaining that she is doing nothing illegal or wrong and suggest they refrain from watching if they find it offensive or indecent?

And, if one of the stories is correct in that they were asking her to move for her safety as there were inmates being brought through the hall, then I wonder if this was expressed to her? Did that first deputy say, Ma’am, we’re preparing to bring inmates through here. If you would feel more comfortable in a private room, then I can help you get to one?…The bottom line is this: if she was comfortable feeding her child where she was, then they needed to let her continue to do so without making any additional pleas for her to move.

She also talks about the obnoxious comments the story has generated, and why it’s not feasible for all women to “just pump.” Go read.

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