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Friday Free-for-All

May 2, 2008

Why don’t you go ahead and tell me in the comments what women’s health/repro rights-related things you’ve been blogging about, whose blogs I should be reading, and the like? Just don’t spam the comments with “I’m selling crazy diet supplements” junk, because I will remove that crap mercilessly. When I get around to it.

I have several things saved up that I want to blog about later, including breastfeeding rates, POPLINE (yes, again), abstinence-only sex ed, and I might even go back and talk about that Yale/art business, because I think the reactions were pretty interesting. Heck, I’ll even take suggestions for other topics in the comments – I’m already backed up, why not add to it? 🙂

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  1. May 2, 2008 4:08 pm

    oooh, you’re taking request? How about my current favorite women’s health topic…menopause!!!

    Oh the havoc she wreaks on my body…

  2. May 2, 2008 4:14 pm

    And did you see the Oklahoma law that requires doctors to do ultrasounds on women before they have abortions. The wording of the law makes it clear that it has to be however would best show the woman the fetus and so, if you’re aborting an early pregnancy, they’re requiring the doctor to stick something up you for no medical reason.


  3. May 2, 2008 4:32 pm

    Ooh, B, I did see that, and it’s appalling. And Ginger, maybe I’ll do a round-up of good info resources on menopause. Thanks!

  4. katbur permalink
    May 2, 2008 5:07 pm

    There was a horrible article in the Wall Street Journal about pre paying for cancer treatment if you have crummy insurance. has a link as does Wall Street

  5. May 2, 2008 5:21 pm

    We just beat one of those laws in the Florida state legislature! Woo hoo!

    I read a mention of the study on breastfeeding rates that you may be referring to. Apparently about 75% of women breastfed at least once and they consider that initiation of breastfeeding. I know many women who breastfeed once and don’t make it out of the hospital breastfeeding. I would rather see how many women are successfully breastfeeding at six weeks. But, I haven’t read the study yet, so maybe I should hold my commentary.

    I posted a link to a story about the FDLS. (The fundamentalist Mormon camp). It’s way at the bottom of this post.

    I like this article because it really goes into the infrastructure of the health care community that serves the women of the group, and how it is infiltrated with people more interested in covering up the polygamy and child rape than promoting the health of the community. The article mentions women being shipped to FDLS run midwifery centers to bear their children, presumably so the teenage mothers-to-be wouldn’t be subject to a critical eye of a caring health care practitioner (HCP) who may wonder about her young, young age. I find it appalling that HCPs who serve women during pregnancy and birth would be involved in covering up abuse of the same women.

    Apparently the women of the community are heavily medicated with psychotropic drugs, with 1/3 of them being on anti depressants. The author claims that the women are threatened with being institutionalized for mental illness if they complain of being unsatisfied with their lives, or with sharing a decades older husband they were forced into marrying with several other women. This breeds a mistrust of mental health evaluations, which is hurting the investigation and treatment of these people now.

    Also, these groups handle their own birth and death certificates, and medical records. *Shudder*

  6. May 3, 2008 12:29 am

    My issue of the week: endometrial polyps. No fun at all, and I’ve got one. Phooey.

  7. May 3, 2008 9:45 am

    Thanks, all (and keep ’em coming)! Hilary, I had a dream last night that you left another comment to say, “Instead of doing a list of MedlinePlus-type links on menopause, why don’t you address this…” and pointed out some issue I had previously noted but not explored. Heh.

  8. May 3, 2008 10:00 am


    did you hear about oberlin’s new PR; it was all over NPR this week.

    though you’re always doing “fearless” posting, i’m wondering if there’s a way to get some mileage from this…adapt their banner to “we are oberlin WOMEN fearless”? and list women’s health issues.

    i need some diversion from the campaign and the crazy-making efforts against choice in your state. it could happen here, i quickly point out. after all, sex ed in new york city schools continues to be controlled by the churches (pick your fave).

    yours, naomi

  9. May 3, 2008 11:18 pm

    What a normal nerdy dream!

  10. May 6, 2008 7:56 am

    A commentary on the Oklahoma law B mentions is up.

    Naomi, thanks for letting me know about the NPR story. I have met so many Oberlin people who I think really are fearless, about their work, their advocacy, their love, and their lives, but when I first heard about the campaign, my first reaction was, “What a cheesy bit of marketing dreck. What is this, 1990, and we’re all wearing hypercolor ‘No Fear’ shirts?” I laughed out loud to hear the current students making similar comments. 🙂

  11. May 18, 2008 6:44 pm

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