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Grand Rounds Volume 4, Number 30

April 15, 2008

Welcome to this week’s edition of Grand Rounds, a round-up of the best of the medical blogosphere. If you’re interested, here’s my Pre-Rounds interview. Thanks to founder Nick, and to everyone who send in submissions. I wasn’t able to include them all, but hope you will enjoy these selections, in no particular order.

Nurse Ratched has a handy guide to Yiddish for nurses. Mazel tov!

Barbara at In Sickness and In Health urges us to think differently about “disability,” noting that the 125 million people are living with chronic illness, disability, or functional limitation “are not the unfortunate “other.” They are not only our partners, children, sisters, brothers, parents, and friends. They are us.”

Donorcycle shares a compelling reminder to consider organ donation. April is national “donate life” month, and more information is available from Donate Life America.

Vitum Medicinus, a Canadian medical student, reflects on how after two years of medical school, things finally seem to be coming together.

Bongi at Other Things Amanzi somehow manages to tactfully tell the tale of a patient he couldn’t help while making zombie comparisons. I’m still not sure how he pulled that off.

Please share your condolences with Kenneth at Fruit of the Womb, whose brother-in-law recently died of pancreatic cancer. Kenneth recalls another case of the disease from early in his career, noting, “I recall experiencing a sense of the surreal and an almost overwhelming sense of loneliness as I tried for the first time in my own life to understand the reality of the brevity of our existence in relationship to the vastness and infinity of the universe into which we are all born…a journey I have not yet completed.”

GruntDoc talks about waste in healthcare spending and argues that “the only way to reign in the explosion of spending in this country is rationing of some sort.”

Allergy Notes manages to work insects, asthma, and genetics into one post – go see for yourself.

Clinical Cases and Images explains how those shiny orange RSS icons mean nothing to people who don’t already know what they are, and presents a slideshow on Web 2.0 in medicine.

Diabetes Mine has an interesting interview with a representative of Qualcomm on technology and healthcare (such as wireless monitoring devices). The author also shows off her infusion site belly bulges.

And a Doula, Too has a post inspired by recent blog discussions of women’s OB/GYN experiences, and talks about the trauma she experienced at that first pelvic exam and her recent realization that other women have suffered similar long-term effects.

This is also an excellent place to point out that while some medbloggers may not regularly visit sites like Feministing, there are currently more than 100 comments at that blog from women talking about what matters to them in their experiences with OB/GYNs and other reproductive health providers.

Nancy Brown of Teen Health 411 reminds us of last fall’s committee opinion from ACOG that adolescents may be appropriate candidates for IUDs; she notes that some teens have contacted her to say that their doctors would not provide the device.

Doc Gurley issues a BOGUS award to a study suggesting that you can tell if someone is a “slut” based on facial features.

Dr. Val makes a surprise and important catch on physical exam. Find out how a simple touch distinguished between a possible UTI and something much more serious.

Paul at Medicine for the Outdoors reviews the book, “Mountains Beyond Mountains,” which he describes as “a title that should be in the library of anyone interested in international medicine or helping out persons in third world countries.” [runs off to check my own library’s catalog…]

I don’t personally get into “diet” blogs, but Tara (an actual dietitian) of The Diet Dish has some info on food sources of Vitamin D that this pale white sun-avoider could probably use.

Laurie at A Chronic Dose is talking about those ever-popular medblog topics, universal health care and problems in primary care.

Sharp Brains shares three essays by high school students on Alzheimer’s disease.

Myra at My Journey writes about how she as a student nurse was first intimidated by and then worked past the tubes and machinery of the ICU to see a person, not just a patient.

Ian crunches some numbers on a group practice’s scheduling – the results are not what he expected.

If any of you are wondering why you became a doctor in the first place, Axis Deviation has a list of perks that have nothing to do with lofty ideals.

Jolie of The Fitness Fixer has some suggestions for those of you who have been hunched over desks finishing your tax returns. You did finish, didn’t you?

Third year medical student Thomas Robey shares his perspective on choosing a medical specialty, and likens choosing a specialty to coming out of the closet.

Geekydoc has started a comic strip – the first installment addresses that “OMG! Blogging will kill you!!!11” story.

The author of How to Cope With Pain urges you to pick one way to reduce your stress and focus on it, so I’m going to look at that kitten picture s/he posted every day. I mean really, how can you be stressed looking at that face?

Thanks for dropping by for the first medical librarian-hosted Grand Rounds. I hope you’ll stop by again from time to time, and you can also find me blogging for Our Bodies Ourselves. Dr. Val is hosting next week – visit her site for submission instructions.

[Photos used under Creative Commons licenses and attributed to Drunken Monkey, photopia, icadrews, Warm N Fuzzy, and Chuck Holton.]

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  1. April 15, 2008 8:27 am

    nicely done. thanks for including my ‘tactful’ story.

  2. April 15, 2008 8:30 am

    round the world in 30seconds. great summar Rachel. thx.

  3. April 15, 2008 11:00 am

    Thanks for including my post Rachel. I enjoyed the introduction to Women’s Health News.

  4. April 15, 2008 11:15 am

    Thanks to all three of you for submitting and commenting.

  5. April 15, 2008 4:39 pm

    I’m glad I found your terrific blog through Grand Rounds. Thank you for including my post.

  6. April 15, 2008 11:14 pm

    Wow. Amazing job with the round-up. Even on Pacific Coast, post-work time, I can’t resist staying up and reading them – you have a talent for creating synopses and making material compelling!


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