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Just Between Us – An Old-School Menstruation Booklet

February 3, 2008

Flickr user Wardomatic has uploaded scans of a 1950s menstruation booklet from the Beltx Corporation. It includes “tips” for dealing with your period as well as a sales pitch for the “Beltx Santy Panty.” You really have to see it for yourself, complete with illustrations of a swirly-eyed sewing and such.

Amusing (if not entirely accurate) lines include (emphasis mine):
“There might be times, of course, when menstruation is a nuisance. Sometimes it is uncomfortable. But much of this is due to our state of mind.

“And of course we can go dancing… but shun the Jitterbug and other strenuous dances. Save those for another time.”

“Third, watch your posture. Correct posture is very important to your comfort, health, and goodlooks. Poor posture can be another cause of constipation, as well as menstrual cramps.” Followed by, “And here’s a really worthwhile bonus… practicing correct posture consistently will help to keep your figure lithe and lovely, for years to come.”

The Museum of Menstruation website also has links to old ads for pads, tampons, early commercial tampons, and ads targeted to teenagers. You’ll have to scroll a bit to find the links to ads.

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