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Friday News Round-Up

January 25, 2008

The Labor Nurse does good for a postpartum mama.

Family planning options shrink in Knoxville, TN (thanks to Katie for the tip). This time it’s healthcare consolidation to blame.

The pill protects against ovarian cancer

ER Nursey had an interesting patient. Note: sometimes the “chief complaint” is not the real problem…

Media coverage of RU-486 use on the rise. Just pondering whether, if anti-choice advocates get their way and abortion becomes illegal, black markets for this drug will pop up. Will ladies stake out turf and deal on corners, getting taken down by DEA teams? Because you know how awesome the “war on drugs” has been for America. Ahem. (please excuse me, it’s Friday)

Amie Newman takes on the Roe IQ test.

Yeah, we should *totally* make FMLA harder to get and more complicated. Because family leave policies in this country are so freakin’ generous, we just can’t stand it.

Senators put off vote on abortion proposal – Welcome to my state.

Relatedly, if you missed it, here’s my Blog for Choice Day post on why I vote pro-choice.

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