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Heather Corinna Writes the Best Rants

January 16, 2008

This one is on clinic protesters, sex education, finances, the myth of the married woman, and other goodies. Honestly, it was hard to figure out what to quote from the piece to tease you with, because there are truths and gems at every turn in this lengthy commentary. Corinna, in response to a protester with a “Choose Wife” slogan, says this:

But what the woman standing in front of our clinic doesn’t seem to realize is that our lobby isn’t overflowing with nothing but teenagers and fallen, unmarried women. Married women are in there every single day, some even with their husbands sitting right beside them. Some of those couples are military, flag-waving, apple-pie baking, churchgoing folk. Why on earth would they be there?

You’ll have to head on over to her place for the answer.

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