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The Year in Review, 2007

December 27, 2007

A month-by-month round-up of some of my favorite posts and topics from the previous year. It may be a little self-indulgent, but if you’re new here, you might want to check these out:

Book Review: The Girls Who Went Away – This is a very powerful book. Find out why I thought so.
Pregnant Teens Escape, So Does “Maternity Home” Website – As far as I can tell, we still haven’t heard what happened to the third teen; ties neatly to the above book review in some respects.

Adventures in Blood Donation – When the floor has to be mopped, your blood donation has gone horribly wrong
Tennessee Representative Proposes Death Certificates for Abortion – No, seriously, he did
More on Death Certificates for Abortion – Responses to the Rep who proposed the bill and his ridiculous distractions and misinformation
Miscarriage of Justice – Police abuse of two women, one raped, the other miscarrying

Things I Don’t Want to Hear Again (on the HPV Vaccine) – Why a vaccine won’t make your little princess a slut
More Nursing Hand-Offs May Be Associated Greater Risk of C-Sections – An interesting study
Senator Henry Dismisses Complaints About Campfield’s Death Certificates Bill – The death-certificates-for-abortion bill had me really riled up. My Senator’s response didn’t help.
Pelvic Exams and Informed Consent – Some OB/GYN students still don’t think informed consent is all that important prior to performing a pelvic exam on a patient

What Does This Article Say About Emergency Contraception? – The truth about an article used by anti-emergency contraception folks to suggest that Plan B is not effective

Outrageous Treatment of Nashville Rape Victims – Because barriers to care in the aftermath of rape are a very bad thing

How to Do a Pelvic Exam – Live-blogging an instructional video on performing pelvic examinations
Pee Standing Up II: The P-Mate Product Review – I devise and conduct tests of a product that allows women to urinate while standing.
Diabulimia – New “Eating” Disorder Among Diabetics? – I like this one for the comment thread more than anything
New Adventures in Blood Donation – After the “blood fountain” experience, I attempted again to donate blood, with bruisy, ineffectual results. Complete with pictures.

In Consideration of the Book – Musings on why I sometimes have trouble with popular works on controversial health topics, such as birth.

Miscarriage or Crime? – How the West Virginia police completely lost their collective mind
Your Boycott-Related Homework – Support Planned Parenthood – How Life Decisions International isn’t exactly being honest or transparent about its boycott list of businesses supporting Planned Parenthood
How Operation Rescue and National Right to Life Spin Abortion Research – An in-depth analysis of why you can’t believe everything that you read
What Not To Wear *In Your Vagina* – What goes in must come out, one way or another

Farewell, Mr. Otto – Included for purely personal reasons; I lost a dear feline friend this year.
Documentary Review: Sex Ed and the State – This is a pretty awesome film, and points out that abstinence-only was never designed to prevent pregnancy or STIs
Moving Through the World as a Woman – Thoughts inspired by a roadside encounter
Review: S.E.X., the All-You-Need-to-Know Progressive Sexuality Guide – This is the sex ed book we all should have received

A Long Way To Go On Sexual Assault Issues – Reactions to a spousal rape case
Is the “Mommy Makeover” Really Necessary? – No, no it’s not

To Sleep, Perchance to Chew My Hand Off – A strange nocturnal happening
Updated Information On Treatment of Nashville Rape Victims – I followed up on a report from May, with new information on access to forensic exams for those who were raped

Grooming for the Gyno? Not Necessary – Just clean socks, or shaved everything?
OB/GYNs were surveyed about whether they supported court-ordered c-section. A surprising number did.
HIV-Related Bigotry in Politics – Huckabee, isolation, and travel policies (at OBOS)
Making Your Holiday Donations Count for Women – A list of good causes
Bloody Baby Pictures Banned by MySpace – What happened when a friend of mine loaded photos of his newborn to his MySpace profile


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