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Send a Sex Toy

November 14, 2007

The Alabama Supreme Court recently refused to hear a challenge to the state’s ban on sex toys, as we previously discussed. As noted then, an injunction had been in place to keep the law from being enforced, but it was expected that the AL Attorney General, Troy King, would seek to have the injunction lifted to put the ban into effect.

Well, King has reportedly decided that he may ask the legislature to amend the state’s “anti-obscenity” law, after “a Jefferson County judge ruled this month that part of the law was too vague to force closure of a Hoover store that sells sexual devices.”

You see, King really, really wants to make sure those dastardly sexual devices can’t be sold. Obviously, there aren’t any real problems to address in Alabama, so the possibility of adults pleasing themselves and one another must be stopped.

Loretta Nall, however, has a different idea – send a sex toy to King in protest. Hit her place for details. Now, I wonder if the battery-operated toys will make it through security?

[Found via Tiny Cat Pants]

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  1. November 15, 2007 2:42 pm

    How insecure are the male lawmakers in Alabama? I guess women there have to pleasure themselves with concealed weapons.

  2. July 8, 2008 4:00 am

    As funny as it would be to send a lawmaker thousands of sex toys, I don’t think it would really have a positive effect. Someone like that would just get very angry and indignant, further strengthening his resolve.

  3. November 13, 2008 10:51 am

    And the South shall rise again…the widely publicized ban on sex toys by the State of Texas has been lifted!

    Texas was one of the few remaining states steadfastly holding on to a ban on sex toys, and now a federal appeals court has overturned the ban and made their use a lawful practice. Selling or promoting sex toys and their use, a crime once punishable by up 2 years in prison, is now held as a constitutional right under the 14th Amendment’s right to privacy by the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals. The decision cites the US Supreme Court’s 2003 decision in Lawrence and Garner versus Texas, which made legal consensual sex between same sex partners.

    “Just as in Lawrence, the state here wants to use its laws to enforce a public moral code by restricting private intimate conduct. The case is not about public sex. It is not about controlling commerce in sex. It is about controlling what people do in the privacy of their own homes because the state is morally opposed to a certain type of consensual private intimate conduct. This is an insufficient justification after Lawrence.

    Other states such as Alabama, Mississippi, Kansas and Colorado have lifted or are in the process of lifting bans on such acts as selling or advertising sex toys.

    We are very pleased that the 14th Amendment’s protection to privacy has finally been extended to the area of intimate conduct. Texas and other State Law Enforcement Agencies can finally stop devoting resources to the regulation of sexual activities between consenting adults.” says Randy Jones, Executive Director of

    TabuToys is an online sex toy boutique providing upscale adult toys and vibrators, as well as sex-positive discussion forums. Please visit for more information.

  4. R. Berry permalink
    December 9, 2008 6:26 pm

    Funny how people create law instead of dealing with their own inadequacies (spelling?)… Perhaps the law makers should spend more times with their wives and less time in the bedroom doing sex toy checks.

    I’m glad that things such as violent crime, rape and murder are only second priorities. I’m sure the violent criminals will flock to that area since they can do anything they please, provided they don’t use a sex toy during the crime.

    What a bunch of BS.

  5. February 27, 2009 2:18 am

    What a bunch of prudes and hypocrites…they pass laws against sex toys because they think those that voted for them want that….but then turn around and play their own naughty little games!!

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