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News Round-Up, 11/3/07

November 3, 2007

-“Participants left uninformed in some halted medical trials

-“Cervical cancer survivors prone to other cancers

-“C-section raises risk to mother and infant

CDC proposals for HIV testing clash with state laws

-“Teen Pregnancy, Birth Rates Plummet Across D.C. Region

-Abstinence-only education doesn’t work? Might as well spend more money on it, then.

-“The adoption vs. abortion myth

Stirrups probably aren’t needed during pap tests

Bill introduced to restore discounted contraceptives for student health centers

-What teens don’t know about sexual and reproductive health could just about fill the Grand Canyon.

-Over My Med Body! (med student and author of the “Planned Parenthood Ain’t Abortions” post) wrote a post about his week on Labor & Delivery. A commenter said, “And PLEASE don’t tell me you use the lithotomy position.” Graham replied, “And yes, of course we use the lithotomy position–I *am* in medical school.” Sigh. Some folks think the lithotomy position is second only to standing on your head for bad childbirth positions.

-The International Breastfeeding Symbol Blog has a good discussion of a philosophical question – is a little good good enough?

-A double dose of links at OBOB.

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  1. November 3, 2007 9:03 pm

    What a great news round up!

    I want to comment on almost all of them. We never used stirrups to do PAP smears at the birth center where I trained. I don’t think most of our tables even had them.

    AS for the adoption vs. abortion myth – I think the author obviously had a great point to make, but I wish that the article mentioned a HUGE glaring hole in that myth. The myth that abortion is traumatizing to the woman (in most cases, it is not, they overwhelmingly report feeling relief) and adoption somehow isn’t. I have met many women who have had abortions, and few of them if any regret their decision. The only ones I know who do have a sort of special guilt scenario because of problems with fertility later in life, unrelated to their abortion. I have met two women who gave up their children for adoption, and both regret it bitterly. One was a woman whose adoption I was involved in at the birth center. She was horribly traumatized after giving up the baby. She was a sobbing wreck for a long time, and stalked the new parents after her legal time limit to change her mind was up. It is a much more traumatic experience, IMO, and fraught with many more ethical issues than abortion, and that is hugely ignored.

  2. November 3, 2007 10:12 pm

    Hilary, I think you make a great point. I read “The Girls Who Went Away” not too long ago, and it completely changed my thinking about the psychological effects of surrendering a child for adoption, even for those who aren’t forced to do so. It seemed to me that the process of giving birth really imprinted the child on their mothers, and they experienced the surrender in a way that was completely unexpected and devastating to them. Even if most women don’t feel that way, it’s hardly ever spoken about.

    Next time I go for a pap, I’m going to ask if we can do it sans stirrups. 🙂

  3. November 5, 2007 9:57 am

    Can you describe to me how you are doing the pap without stirrups? When my patients are not at the end of the table, I find it hard to get the speculum in due to the handle hitting the table. If the patient *is* still at the very end of the table, where is the room for their feet? Please describe. I’m all for it if my patients like it and I can get the job done! thanks!

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