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New Study on Risks of Birth After a C-Section

October 4, 2007

My Wednesday OBOS post is up, “New Study Reports on Uterine Rupture Risks After Cesarean.” Of note from the findings of the study – “Of the trials of labor, 73.3 percent were successful (11,226 successful vaginal births after cesarean of the 15,323 attempted).” Hilary smartly comments on the post that this successful vaginal birth relate is higher than what some hospitals have for women who have never had a c-section. Head on over to get the details and join the discussion.

It occurs to me that the REBIRTH blogger also mentioned uterine rupture in a recent post addressing the misconceptions of some of her fellow midwifery students:

Has the risk of uterine rupture increased with VBAC recently? No. Well, let me answer that with yes. It will increase when women who are VBAC-ing are given misoprostil. Here’s a thought: don’t give women misoprostil. Don’t mess with their labor. Again, what has changed that suddenly makes VBAC’s the devil’s labor?

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