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National Applebee’s Nurse-Out on September 8th

September 5, 2007

Following on the heels of a Kentucky woman’s bad nursing experience at an Applebee’s restaurant, nurse-outs are being organized across the country on September 8th. A national event normally wouldn’t have been warranted because of the isolated incident at a franchise location, but women who called Applebee’s headquarters are being told (see this thread) that the corporate line is that it was a reasonable and lawful request when a woman was asked not to nurse, despite state law protecting her right to do so.

The International Breastfeeding Symbol Blog, Breastfeeding 123 (with a map of already-scheduled events), and the Lactivist also have details. A Yahoo group has been established for coordination.

Why a nurse-out instead of a nurse-in? Because most folks would rather not give their money to a restaurant that is hostile to breastfeeding women, so the events are largely taking place on public sidewalks outside the restaurants.

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