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Your Boycott-Related Homework – Support Planned Parenthood

August 22, 2007

Life Decisions International publishes a biannual list of corporations that support Planned Parenthood, in an attempt to encourage individuals to boycott the organization. A July 2007 press release from LDI lists several new additions to the list, corporations continuing on from previous editions, and “dishonorable mentions,” or charitable organizations that “are associated with Planned Parenthood and/or its agenda.”

The boycott list, however, is not freely available, as the organization claims that “pro-Planned Parenthood people were urged to send for The Boycott List in an effort to bankrupt us–which they nearly did; and we began to realize the enormous expense involved in obtaining the information needed to prepare The Boycott List.” LDI apparently thinks they can make up their own copyright laws in order to enforce their restrictions on the list’s availability, stating:

The Boycott List may not be reproduced, altered, or placed on the Internet, in whole, or in part. Requests for permission to copy The Boycott List are never granted. An organization wanting to advertise the availability of The Boycott List may select the names of five corporations active in their respective area for publication, so long as ordering information is provided for those who may want to obtain a complete List.

Please note that these very explicit restrictions are not part of U.S. copyright law, as some degree of fair use always applies. Copyright law never specifies that, under a fair use, you may only quote 5 items or must explain to people how to buy the source material. Furthermore, copyright protects the expression of ideas or facts, not the facts themselves. For example, I could take a BellSouth phone book, extract all of the phone/address information, present it differently, and copyright my version. Nothing in copyright law prevents me from republishing those *facts,* it only prevents me from copying them exactly as presented by another.

LDI also refuses to provide supporting documentation that a corporation supports Planned Parenthood, stating:

It is impossible to honor requests for evidence that listed cor-porations have donated to Planned Parenthood as it involves many documents (including government forms), telephone calls, letters and other research. Similarly, we cannot honor requests for the amount of funds donated by a corporation (the issue is the funding, not the amount, so we no longer even track such data). You may be assured that all corporations on The Boycott List are there based on our long employed, clearly explained and uniformly applied standards and that excuses offered by corporations are unacceptable.

Impossible? Surely a generous amount of documentation is created in the investigation and confirmation of the donations. If those documents, letters, and other research had not been collected, there wouldn’t be a list in the first place. Why not make copies available to requestors for a fee, given the “enormous expense” of creating the list?

The boycott is apparently only so strong, however. Apparently eBay is a new target, and they own PayPal, which LDI uses to process credit card orders for the list. While stating that they are investigating alternatives and encouraging folks to order by mail, they haven’t actually halted online ordering in respect of their own boycott. Sigh.

Despite these restrictions, you can view a list of local and regional boycott targets by state, boycotted credit cards, and several national targets in the organization’s press release. Go send some businesses your thanks for helping to support responsible sex education, access to well woman care and contraception, and women’s bodily integrity and autonomy. Then give a little or a lot to Planned Parenthood. You know, if you’re so inclined.

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  1. Jay permalink
    September 20, 2008 10:50 pm

    Jesus loves you, and its only fair to warn you that advocating the death of babies and immoral sexuality can only bring you ruin. I hope you will realize this someday.

  2. April 3, 2009 7:49 pm

    Why would anyone want to support a company who advocates eugenics? The majority of abortion clinics are in black or minority neighborhoods. Planned Parenthood doesn’t care about women – they care about money and the master race.

    I agree with Jay. Birth control and abortion destroyed the modern world. You wonder why breast cancer is rampant? Why HIV, AIDS, and other STDs are on the rise? Why children are having sex at younger ages? It’s because birth control has made sex a casual, passing experience. Who needs to worry about morals when you can have sex whenever and with whomever you want?

    • April 4, 2009 9:37 am

      Kristin, prove it. I’m serious. You want to come here making claims that Planned Parenthood “care(s) about money and the master race” and that HIV and breast cancer are “rampant” because of birth control and abortion, prove it. And with references to actual, well-designed science that you have the skills to understand, not lifenet talking points or some such. You can’t just throw out BS claims and expect people to take it as fact.

      Jay, that’s great. I’m certain you have only my best interests in mind. Do pray for me specifically every single night. I simply can’t imagine what would make you come here and use phrases like “bring you ruin.”

    • Matthias permalink
      April 20, 2009 8:10 pm

      Rachel, your inflammatory response just shows that you know that your argument is absolutely faulty and full of holes.

      The truth hurts.

  3. April 21, 2009 6:59 am

    Matthias, no, I just want people who make inflammatory claims to back them up. What you have provided is another commentary piece. Kristin said, “Planned Parenthood doesn’t care about women – they care about money and the master race.” She provided no evidence for that claim. You provided commentary which talks about sex selection policies in other countries – is Planned Parenthood providing the abortions there? Is the problem in those countries the abortions (and surrenders, and sometimes suspect “adoption” procedures), or is it a fundamental problem in how women are valued (or devalued)? If black or low income persons have a higher rate of abortions, is that because PP is targeting them to create a “master race,” or is it because of the system and circumstances in which people exist when they find themselves facing an unplanned pregnancy?

    I think it’s important to worry about coercive practices related to reproduction. It’s a problem if women (including female children) are not valued in other nations (or our own). If abortion providers – specifically Planned Parenthood – are even subtly encouraging women of color to abort while discouraging white women, that’s a huge problem. However, location doesn’t prove it. An opinion piece about foreign practices doesn’t prove it.

    Let me give you this example we use to teach people about the difference between correlation and causation. Say the rate of murders goes up seasonally at the same time as ice cream sales go up. Is ice cream causing people to kill? Or do both things simply happen in the summer? There is world of a difference between “Planned Parenthood often has clinics in low-income areas” (you know, where more people may need access to their range of low-cost health services) and “Planned Parenthood is trying to create a master race.” Neither of which has to do with the valuing of women overall which must occur in the other nations mentioned in the commentary you link.

  4. Patrick Henry's mother permalink
    March 7, 2010 11:09 pm

    Hi Rachel. Have you heard of MargaretSanger? She said “Negroes are human weeds and should be exterminated” ( not verbatim, but close enough). If you are looking for some well documented information on the history behind eugenics and planned parenthood check out Maafa 21. It is brilliantly produced, intellectually stimulating, and true. It seems you would enjoy it. It is extremely provocative.

  5. Ross permalink
    March 25, 2010 9:47 am

    Maafa 21 a documentary that is full of more quotes, facts and real life documentation than any rational thinking person would need to understand how bad planned parenthood is.

  6. riv permalink
    March 26, 2010 1:08 pm

    I don’t follow what the distaste is here for planned parenthood. It sure beats being a pharmaceutcal lab rat, and is a, possibly the only, tried and tested women centred and women innovated form of birth control.

  7. riv permalink
    March 26, 2010 1:18 pm

    Ooops. Should have enlarged text before attempting to read. Begging my uncorrectable vision.

    Apologies. Of course I support Planned Parenthood, and planning parenthood, the latter which includes abortion on demand and vasectomies for all men–paid for by healthcare.

  8. Chuck permalink
    October 13, 2010 1:13 pm

    I find it humorous how much effort Rachel Walden spends attempting to refute the boycott list and then tells her ilk to support the names on the list. Very telling she herself is backing up the claims by seeking support of the companies on the list. PP and Rachel are terrified because of the loss of income this represents for the pro-abort industry and PP’s propaganda machine. Fight the good fight in Jesus Christs name!

    • October 14, 2010 7:58 am

      Nope, Chuck, you misunderstand. I am not “backing up the claims” of the list. I very specifically say that the list creators/providers are not providing evidence for their claims; they themselves state that they cannot/will not provide the necessary details. They also make up their own copyright law incorrectly. However, I think that if pro-choice individuals want to support those businesses to make up for any effect of the boycott list, they should go for it. I’m not “terrified” about any loss of income; I don’t care about income, and don’t get any money from PP – I care about the preservation of women’s right to obtain safe, legal abortions.

  9. Mom permalink
    November 13, 2010 12:00 am

    Can I ask why you think that women want to and should be able to kill their children?

    • Cheryl Guffey permalink
      January 10, 2011 11:54 pm

      What about the right of the child to his/her life??

  10. Suzanne permalink
    February 11, 2011 12:48 am

    Recent revelations on the support of pimps and their underage sex workers definitely refutes any claims that Planned Parenthood is out to serve and assist women with positive choices. If an organization provides or supports abortion, the killing of an unborn child, their values and priorities are skewed. To rationalize and justify this takes a lot of effort and deception. Am hopeful that the organizer of this website, Rachel, has had a change of heart and seen the truth behind what she so strongly supports. May God Bless you Rachel. I’m sure you feel passionate about helping women and think you are doing so. However, it’s heartbreaking to hear women spewing such hurtful lies about what makes a woman strong. Helping underserved women is a wonderful aspiration. Helping underserved women kill their unborn children is beyond abhorrent. Abortion is an insidious evil that hurts everyone in it’s path. Abortion, promoted so passionately by women’s rights activitists, ironically provides the greatest abuse on women and children in recent history.

    • February 11, 2011 2:20 pm

      Suzanne, I couldn’t possibly disagree with you more.

  11. Christine permalink
    February 19, 2011 12:23 am

    Jay and Kristin Dexter:

    Religion is not a substitute for education.

    Patrick Henry’s mother:

    Your argument is based on a movie produced by a for-profit organization. Instead of paraphrasing what you think you learned, present facts to support your opinion. “Not verbatim, but close enough” means you literally don’t know what you’re talking about. (A book published by Margaret Sanger would be a good place to start.)


    We want to hear more. Please tell us every fact you know about Planned Parenthood. (Facts are documented or published evidence that can be verified by others.)


    Please, see my comment to Ross and respond.


    Why doesn’t Jesus love miscarried would-be babies enough to let them live? Also, please reveal the evidence that led you to your conclusion about loss of income in the “pro-abort” industry.

    Mom and Cheryl Guffey:

    Are you able to imagine what it might be like for someone less fortunate than you? What would Jesus want for raped women, incest victims, teenage girls excommunicated by their families for becoming pregnant?


    Planned Parenthood did not invent abortion. What Planned Parenthood did was provide a safe and humane alternative for women who would otherwise be operated on by an average person (or themselves) with wire coat hanger on a floor somewhere. The world is not perfect, no human being is perfect, and no life can be perfect.

    Rachel, thank you for the time and effort you’ve invested in educating yourself, creating this blog, and encouraging this discourse.

  12. Holly permalink
    February 22, 2011 10:37 pm

    I couldn’t agree more with Christine and Rachel. One point that is ignored by both sides of the argument however, is the services besides abortion that is provided by Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood provides checks for cancer and stds and also provides birth control. These are vital for the health of women, especially birth control. Birth control isn’t always just about being able to have sex without getting pregnant. It’s very common for women to take birth control to regulate severe hormonal imbalances. I know for a fact that I could not function well enough to go to college or maintain a job without my birth control because of the severe clinical depression that I experience without anything to regulate my hormonal imbalance. It has nothing to do with sex (I do not have sex and do not want sex), but it is VERY important to my health for many other reasons besides just depression. The most common treatment for endocrine disorders in women is birth control. 10-20% of the female population are born with a genetic predisposition for PCOS. That is the most common hormone disorder and there are many more disorders besides that.

    I also think it’s very ironic and counter-productive to be against abortion and not support birth control. It doesn’t make any sense. It’s not smart and it’s not Christian either. It’s just controlling and overstepping boundaries over other people’s lives and other people’s decisions.

    Kristen Dexter:

    I do not believe Planned Parenthood is about eugenics. Even if it’s possible there are a few crazed individuals who would like to use it for eugenics, I believe with all sincerity that is not the intention or desire of almost anyone involved in Planned Parenthood or anyone who supports planned parenthood. The most likely reason most Planned Parenthood clinics are in black or minority neighborhoods is because there is more need for them in these locations. Think about it, there are higher crime rates (which means more rape and prostitution), less birth control and medical care, and people are less financially able to care for more children. The most responsible thing for a financially poor pregnant woman to do is to get an abortion. Ignoring the need for abortion will not fix the problems of society. It’s both arrogant and un-Christian of you to judge impose your judgements on other people who desperately need control over their own bodies and their own lives. It’s just as immoral to force someone who needs an abortion not to have one as it is to force you to have an abortion when you don’t want or need one.

    Abortion is not funded by the government and does not cost U.S. tax dollars. Much needed health care for women is provided by Planned Parenthood. Attacking planned parenthood is an assault on women and it’s disgusting. It’s especially stupid that Obamacare was passed, but planned parenthood could be under attack.

  13. Holly permalink
    February 22, 2011 10:55 pm

    The reason people have sex too young and get STDs isn’t because of birth control. it’s because of bad parenting and the culture of stupidity and glorified sex that pervades modern life. ESPECIALLY culture that glorifies the objectification of women. One of the main problems that contribute to the attitude that encourages people to engage in sex when they shouldn’t, especially young open-minded people, is that they are told that it’s wrong to have sex, but not why. That is why our society lacks moral values. Hypothetically, it would not be wrong to have sex if both partners wanted it and there was no possibility of unwanted pregnancy or STDs. What makes sex wrong is when one person, usually the woman, is too open-minded about it, does not value herself enough to stand up for herself, and has low self esteem. The other side of the equation is that society teaches men to objectify women and prey on vulnerable women with low self esteem by lying or manipulating them into having sex because they think it won’t hurt anyone and have self esteem too low to value themselves enough. The absolutely indisputable truth is the only reason it’s wrong to have sex is because men don’t deserve it and women should have higher self esteem. Women need to be taught this. I guarantee it would decrease premarital sex by a lot or at least decrease the number of women who have abortions or emotional scars from sexual encounters and sexual objectification. I’m sure some ignorant fool will disagree vehemently and call me a feminist nazi, but it IS the truth. Maybe there are a few situations that can be exceptions but the fact is there are way too many “men” (pigs) preying on women and objectifying them.

    Did you know according to Wikipedia rape statistics, 1 in 6 women experience either rape or attempted rape? I don’t doubt it. I’ve experienced attempted rape several times and I believe women in poor areas are at an even higher risk than the general population. Men will deny the truth and say that anyone who says what is true is a nazi because they aren’t biased in favor of pigs all the time because they have a sense of chauvinism instead of a sense of justice, but anyone born with a brain can see they’re full of bull and don’t have any place in deciding how much protection and health care women need.

  14. dawn permalink
    February 25, 2011 9:36 pm

    Religion aside – If you haven’t read “Unplanned” by Abby Johnson, a former PP director, she can tell you first hand what goes on behind closed doors under the guise of “womens health.” Will you believe her, someone who worked there for 8 years? Its quite a telling truth about their true motives.

    • February 27, 2011 9:54 am

      I naturally distrust anyone who worked there for 8 years and served as clinic director who bases her conversion story on having finally seen an abortion and been upset; the likelihood of her having that long-term history and position and not being a least passingly familiar with abortion procedures seems exceedingly low. The Texas Monthly also took a look at Johnson’s credibility:

  15. Laurel permalink
    March 3, 2011 5:38 pm

    I was having sex too young before I went on birth control. I finally went on birth control at nineteen. Birth control has never, ever been an excuse to just go ahead and have sex- that doesn’t make any sense. If anything, birth control stands on the excuse that if I am in a relationship with someone that I trust, they are allowed to go on without a condom, and not pull out. I have done this only with the man I now love and it makes sex more intimate and closer, while knowing we are safe in our sex life.

    I am not a whore. And I do not appreciate someone saying that birth control makes whores. I know plenty of uptight religious teens that have sex all the time, while at the same time being against abortion and birth control. Yay funtime baby at sixteen, where that child will either be raised by a crappy parent who will ruin their life and in turn, since according to some of you bad parenting breeds whores, create kids that will have sex too young and be against birth control and abortion and do I need to repeat?

    BUT OH WAIT you’re probably going to say to yourself that its all situational. That those aspects don’t always apply. That not everything is black and white and that maybe that sixteen year old will be a good mother, but you know what, maybe that sixteen year old on birth control wont be a whore. We could not possibly know, so stop talking like you do.

    because of birth control I no longer spend the two days before my period laying in bed crying, hating myself and wanting to kill myself because of severe hormones. I will never again leave work thinking that I am just having simple cramps, when next thing I know I’m bent over in the medicine aisle at safeway wailing in pain unable to move. I will not go to the ER and throw up from the pain when I get there, and I will not be receiving a HARD, MUCH MORE DANGEROUS drug to help stop the insane pain. Vicodin will no longer be my choice for period cramps.

    I don’t think I would ever be able to abort, but then again I have never been faced with that choice. My step-dad was put in foster care and abused, occasionally raped, as a kid when he was not wanted. I also dated a man who had the same thing happen to him in foster care.

    That same man is now married to a nineteen year old girl on her second child. She does nothing but lay around the house and smoke weed while he works three jobs, also being a weed smoker. He talks all the time of leaving her and they are a very unhappy family. he often rants of how she needs to step up and be a mother now that they have another kid on the way, and when I suggested birth control he flat-out refused it, because he is against birth control. He is a weed-smoking, three-minimum-wage-job-working, wife abusing husband. The wife does whatever is asked of her, except get a job. Those children are up for an awesome, awesome life, wouldn’t you say?

    I’m not suggesting she abort the child. But I am saying, if we are just souls on our way to God as it is, is it really a big fatty deal if the kid skips the whole prerequisites of living? Why not let people make their own decisions? He gave us those rights. That child is a part of that womans body, her property, not yours. You are not the one supporting it or raising it. There are children living NOW, living SHITTY LIVES RIGHT AS YOU READ THIS, who could REALLY use all the money and support anti-abortionists and anti-c0ndom and anti-birth control has been offering to a

    Go adopt a kid who needs your love now. Go donate to an orphanage, put money into crappy schools, sponsor a child in Africa. Something useful.

  16. Sandy permalink
    February 5, 2012 4:04 pm

    The rape vicitm, the incest vicitm, the teenage girl, the “oh I don’t want a boy” lets have an abortion and try again. Seriously…..MURDER is MURDER in any country, language, profession, family or neighborhood. Every single mother who I have met that had their baby in their teens was not thrown out of the house. Seriously NOT ONE person has asked…”does the baby feel anything”? It has been medically proven that the baby does feel even though it does not have a SS#. I don’t expect anyone here to care what I have to say except to refute it and that is ok.
    We live in a culture where sadly helping women mean taring out their very soul.
    PS. Jane Roe now works with Pro Life Organization and regrets the biggest mistake of her life!
    I wonder why….?

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