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Gorgeous Isn’t Good Enough

August 15, 2007

You probably saw the recent pieces on the relentless retouching job done on Faith Hill, and you were probably aware that celebrity photos get this treatment all the time, to take away dark circles, wrinkles, a little flab here and there. Apparently fakey youthful isn’t good enough, though – someone thought it was necessary to take arm muscle away from Julia Stiles in order for her to be hot. If that isn’t the most ridiculous thing – it’s not as though she had a steroids build, but Stiles was apparently too healthy and active and strong-looking to be acceptable. Ladies, did you know that being well-toned made you unattractive? Also, having pelvic/hip bones or defined abs is a no-no (see Cameron Diaz), as are ribs. By contrast, the men’s photos, although they’re head shots, are simply color-corrected, a blemish removed here and there, and one was actually given *more* muscle definition. Stupid, stupid.

See the “Portfolio” section of this site, and Aunt B and ‘Coma for more commentary.


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