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Instead Softcup as a Fertility Aid?

August 9, 2007

softcupad.jpgCan the Instead Softcup be used as a fertility aid? According to this website, you’d certainly think so. [A review: the Instead Softcup is a flexible plastic menstrual collection cup, inserted in the vagina to collect menstrual fluid rather than absorb it] The website in question [click the image to make larger] proclaims in its headline, “Now a Fertility Aid for TTC Couples!” That sounds fairly definitive. It goes on to state:

Now, trying-to-conceive (TTC) couples have discovered a new application for the Softcup – as a fertility aid! So how are women using the safe, hypo-allergenic Softcup to increase their chances of conceiving a baby? Easy! Instead of inserting the Softcup during their periods, trying-to-conceive couples are using the Softcup following lovemaking to help pool and hold sperm around the cervix! Alternately, semen can be directly deposited into the Softcup reservoir and inserted directly into the vagina and around the cervix.

The idea this website promotes is that the Softcup, which can be worn during sex, would instead (ha) be worn after sex to “hold in” all the semen. The claim is repeated near the “Buy Now!” button. Has Instead ever been tested or approved as a fertility aid, though? It appears that the answer is “no.” Instead’s own website includes this FAQ entry:

I am trying to get pregnant. Would inserting an INSTEAD® Softcup® Immediately after intercourse help trap sperm in place to help increase the probability that I get pregnant?
INSTEAD, Inc. has not studied the post-intercourse placement of an INSTEAD® Softcup® as a method to help improve the probability of conception. The use of the Softcup® as a pregnancy aid has not been cleared by the FDA. [emphasis added]

I did a search of the FDA site looking for information about the company’s claim that “Softcup fertility success stories are now so commonplace that Instead has filed for FDA clearance to officially market the Softcups as a conception aid!” In doing so, I turned up this odd adverse event report (something filed with the FDA when something goes wrong with a “medical device):

Patient inserted the instead softcup in january 2005 and when they [they?] tried to remove it 6 hours later was unable to get it out. 14 hours later they were sitll[sic] unable to get it out and became dizzy and deviloped[sic] a migraine. They finally called the paramedics to take them to the hosital[sic] where they had the cup removed by the physcian[sic].

Look, I’ve tried Instead. It shot out into the toilet when I sneezed. It is large and flexible, and has a firm outer ring, and sits inside the vagina. I have no idea how it could be stuck for 20 hours. I have no idea how having it stuck for 20 hours could cause dizziness and migraine. I fail to see how the assistance of a hand mirror wasn’t more called for than that of a paramedic, but perhaps one of you can enlighten me. To be fair, the FAQ says not to wear it for more than twelve hours, it also states that “the Cup cannot be lost inside your body.”

Neither 20 hours nor fertility aid are how the makers of the Instead Softcup currently intend for the product to be used, and their online information is clear on this point. Less scrupulous vendors of the product, however, are not quite so honest about what they’re selling.

[Hat tip to the blogger at Missed Conceptions]

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  1. Janet permalink
    August 23, 2007 12:49 am

    Pharmacy News Article
    1/24/06 – Instead Submits FDA Application for Softcup as OTC Fertility Aid; Women’s Health Company Files 510(k) Device Clearance To Include Marketing Product for Fertility
    Business Wire via NewsEdge Corporation :

    LA JOLLA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jan. 24, 2006–Women’s health company Instead Inc. filed a 510(k) application with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this week to obtain clearance to market its Instead Softcup product as an over-the-counter (OTC) fertility aid. A decision from the FDA is expected within 90 days.

    The move to seek new claims on the Softcup, currently marketed as a feminine hygiene product, was stimulated by an underground movement of Softcup users. These women were employing the product as an internal device to hold semen close to the cervix. Instead vice president and general manager, Teri Hirschfeld, said the trend was first discovered in letters from users and on the company’s online message boards at

    “These users, who represent a portion of the one in ten people of reproductive age affected by infertility, were seeking a simple and affordable option before going to more extreme measures,” Hirschfeld said. “They had learned, either from each other or online, that the Softcup could be inserted immediately after intercourse to promote conception, and had the amazing success stories to prove it.”

    Potentially an OTC device for those trying to conceive (TTC), the Softcup is used as a reservoir to keep sperm close to the cervix. It may aid conception by helping maintain the maximum concentration of semen in the vicinity of the cervical opening. The Softcup must be inserted after sex while semen is still present near the cervix, or with sperm directly deposited in the cup itself, to promote conception.

    “Beyond those experiencing infertility, we believe many of the more than three million women in the U.S. deciding to have babies every year will be interested in using the Softcup as an easily affordable and readily available way to potentially help advance the conception process.”

    Following the anticipated FDA clearance, Hirschfeld said the Instead Softcup will be sold with the new indication for fertility on the package at its current points of sale.

    “The fertility claim represents an exciting expansion in the innovative applications of the disposable Instead Softcup, which has been on the market as a feminine hygiene product since 1997, and is the only menstrual protection product that can be worn during a woman’s period for clean sex,” Hirschfeld added.

    Instead Softcups are currently sold at retail outlets nationwide, including Target, Walgreens, CVS, Wal-Mart, Rite-Aid, Kroger and Fred Meyer, and online at A package of six retails for a suggested $3.49, a package of 14 for $7.49 and a package of 24 for $10.49.

    Instead also recently announced that its candidate microbicide Amphora(TM), which was cleared as a personal lubricant by the FDA in late 2004, will be used in a forthcoming clinical trial. A microbicide is a substance a woman can insert vaginally prior to intercourse to protect herself from infection by sexually transmitted diseases. Amphora was selected by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the United States Agency for International Development, Contraceptive Research and Development, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for a formative research study in Madagascar to test its acceptance by urban women at high risk for sexually transmitted infections.

    About Instead, Inc.

    Instead, Inc. provides women with new and different choices for greater freedom and control of their reproductive and sexual health. The San Diego-based company is dedicated to offering women better options in health care segments where their needs are underserved with products that are thoroughly tested for safety and efficacy. Instead has focused research and development efforts on period protection and feminine hygiene, contraception, prevention of sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS, and other conditions where vaginal therapy can be an effective preventative or treatment. More information about Instead and its products is online at or

  2. August 23, 2007 7:37 am

    This is interesting. I can find the lubricant in the 501(k) database, and the original approval of the device as a menstrual cup, but not any new use of the cup (including for conception). Likewise, Instead’s own website still says it has not been tested or approved by the FDA for this purpose.

  3. Janet permalink
    August 23, 2007 1:20 pm


    I included the following link ( to address the following comment:

    “The idea this website promotes is that the Softcup, which can be worn during sex, would instead (ha) be worn after sex to “hold in” all the semen.”

    There appears to be a strong track record for cervical cups to do exactly that – keep semen in proximity to the cervix for the purposes of achieving conception.

    I agree – the product does not have FDA clearance at this time for this application. But as the press release indicates, the company clearly intends for it to be used in this manner at some point.

    Interesting dialog and a fascinating subject. I’ve never used the product in that way, and I don’t think I will, but I am intrigued!

  4. Kristine permalink
    March 2, 2008 6:11 pm

    I had no problem conceiving and probably would have fairly easily even without the instead cup. My family history is one of very fertile women. Here is how it happened for me:

    First Child:
    Month one: off birth control pill. no planned attempts to conceive.
    Month two: planned attempts to conceive. No conception
    Month three: planned attempts to conceive with Today Soft Cup after intercourse. PREGNANT.

    Second Child:
    Month one: off birth control pill. no planned attempts to conceive.
    Month two: UN-planned attempts to conceive. i.e. “let’s just see what happens”. No conception.
    Month three: planned attempts to conceive. No conception.
    Month four: planned attempts to conceive. No conception.
    Month five: planned attempts to conceive with Today soft cup. PREGNANT.

    I’m sort of convinced it aids conception. Fairly straightforward train of thought. Let me ask this, how many women have held ridiculous post-intercourse postures in hopes of aiding conception. Try it.

    • Tori permalink
      December 28, 2009 7:38 pm

      I am convinced that the instead cups honestly and truly work! My husband and I ttc for nearly 6 months. A friend told me about the cups and my DH purchased them the same day. I started ovulating day or so later. We used the cups and two weeks later a positive pregnancy test!

      The friend who told me about the cups used them as well after ttc for 2 1/2 yrs and she just took a pregnancy test today and it was positive! We will be having our babies around the same time, days apart! THE CUPS WORK!!!!

    • Tracy K permalink
      August 13, 2013 11:21 am

      I’ve been using the softcups as well. But, there’s one thing every woman should know, that I couldn’t believe wasn’t common knowledge when my fertility specialist told me. And that’s,
      So, for a 25 year old woman, it’s typically about one in three eggs are “baby making eggs”. But, for someone my age, 38, it’s more like 1 in 5-12+. This is why when people are looking for an egg donor, they don’t choose their older sister, for example.
      I’ve been taking clomid, this is my third time trying it, in five months and for this cycle, these are eggs #s 11, 12 and 13, since we started trying. (I have three follicles of the right size for ovulation)

      My only question is, if you insert the softcup right after sex, how do you know the edge didn’t just clear the path of the softcup and is actually blocking most of the sperm from reaching the cervix. I’m gonna try filling it with semen first, that seems like the best bet. (Seems)
      Good luck to you all!

  5. Donna permalink
    March 21, 2008 1:55 pm

    To Kristen –
    THANK YOU for your input/data regarding your attempts at conception. Sounds like it worked for you. I have some on order already and should be ariving any day. Please wish me ++++ baby thoughts!

    THanks again for sharing –


  6. Kari permalink
    April 14, 2008 1:14 pm

    What about using a diaphragm for the same purpose? Wouldn’t that work the same way?

  7. Ashley permalink
    June 15, 2008 12:44 pm

    I wouldn’t use a diaphram, many have spermicide on them which in turn would obviously kill the sperm.

  8. Paige permalink
    June 26, 2008 1:39 am

    Instead Softcup works as a conception aid! I should know… after many failed months of TTC no.2, as soon as I used Instead (based on a friend’s recommendation) I found out I was pg! A few days ago, my husband and I received great news that our little girl is going to have a new baby sister.

    Using Instead Softcup was so easy too! All I did was have it ready on the night stand and inserted it after intercourse. TCC has never been so simple- you can even find Instead Softcup at Wal-mart and most drug stores.

    I recommend it to any couple who are feeling the struggles and frustrations of trying to conceive. It worked for me and the least you can do is give it a try. Hopefully my “Good Luck Charm” will work for you too!

    Happy pregnancy vibes!

  9. June 26, 2008 6:39 am

    Thanks for sharing your story, Paige!

  10. Clara permalink
    July 11, 2008 3:18 am

    I got pregnant easily last year but unfortunatly had a miscarriage. Now after 7 months of trying with no conception, I stumbled upon some testimonials about the instead softcup. I ordered them and we gave them a try during my last ovulation. It may have worked because my period as of today is a few days late. I haven’t taken a pregnancy test yet though. We’ll see, I’m keeping my fingers crossed. But if I’m not pregnant this month, I will definitly keep using Instead.

  11. Jamie permalink
    July 22, 2008 6:04 pm

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone can help? I have read that you can insert the cup with the sperm already in it, but I am having some problems with that. I am inserting it and the sperm is being squeezed out of the end that goes in last. What am I doing wrong? Can I insert the sperm the “turkey baster way” and then insert the cup? I was worried that it might keep the sperm from getting up to the cervic. The cup fits really tight even with it squeezed when it is going inside. Please Help!Any Suggestions are appericated. Thanx, Jamie

  12. lorna permalink
    July 30, 2008 4:35 pm

    am going to order instead softcup trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant so hopefully this will help

  13. Mindy permalink
    August 22, 2008 11:26 am

    It worked for me! Tried it the first month and got pregnant. I tried for 6 months with my first pregnancy and that was very stressful. If you are having any trouble TTC, then use the instead cup! Good luck.

  14. September 2, 2008 12:48 am

    Well, it has been 3 years TTC and without any luck. This is my first month with using the softcup after my fertility drugs, and I will let you know if it works! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  15. lorna permalink
    September 10, 2008 2:15 pm

    hi everyone just an update on july 30th. used softcup twice leading up to ovulation date day 12 and day 13 and discovered we are pregnant last sunday sept 7th. its a first class product. weve been trying quite a while so id recommend it. dont give up hope im nearly 40 and thought all was lost. best wishes everyone.

  16. Mandy permalink
    September 18, 2008 12:22 am

    It worked! I am stunned, but a believer!!

    • Randi permalink
      July 22, 2013 6:17 pm

      I know I am replying to this years later but I have been TTC for about two years now and this is my first month trying the soft cups. I am amazed how many success stories I have seen! Hoping it works for me as well!

  17. Leanne permalink
    September 25, 2008 10:17 am

    I just discovered Instead Cups yesterday, and I went out and bought them. I’m now using them for my period. I’m really liking it. I slept in it and no leaks, although as of right now I’m on a light flow. I’m also TTC. It’s been 9 months of trying with no success, and friends all around me are getting pregnant. I’m going to give it a try this month as a fertility aid. I also just read online, from a woman who just went to see her OBGYN, that a womans egg really is only viable for 6hrs not 12-24. Also That sperm need to be in the body 6-12 hrs before they are even ready to penetrate the egg. With this new information it makes me wonder how women ever get pregnant. I usually ovulate from Cycle Day 17-19. So we are going to start trying on CD12 every other day until ovulation. Each time I will use an Instead Softcup. I will report back to this message board next month to share my results.


  18. Autumn permalink
    September 29, 2008 11:44 am

    I had always used Instead Softcups for my period because I had a friend who got very ill from TSS. Instead Softcups has been shown to not cause this, therefore I was a big beliver in them. But when I found info as them being used as a TTC aid I was totally excited. It was like a light went off. After 5 months of TTC with no luck I started to use then this cycle. I am praying that this works. All of the testimony up to this point has been astounding. I am keping my fingers crossed!! Good luck to all of you who are also trying Instead SoftCups!!!

  19. Emmie permalink
    December 8, 2008 6:30 pm

    For those who found it effective: how long do you leave the softcup in after intercourse?


  20. Amanda permalink
    December 11, 2008 5:44 pm


    My husband comes home tired most days and it’s difficult for him to have sex….we have missed so many months when I was ovulating because of this. I wonder if he could ejaculate into the softcup and then I could insert the sperm into me. Apparently, he would find this less tiring! Any thoughts?

  21. Emmie permalink
    February 8, 2009 5:57 pm

    HELP!!! I used the Softcup after my last regular period (December 13). I have not had a period since, which would equal two missed periods. I have always had very regular periods. I had three negative urine tests and one negative blood test, plus bloodwork that says all my hormone and thyroid levels are normal. I am 40 years old with a 13 year old son and TTC for ten years (motility issues). I am having all the symptoms of pregnancy including the very light spotting around when periods should be that I remember from my son, plus tiredness, and huge hormone swings, but no nausea. My doctor says to see a psychiatrist, that maybe it is depression or stress, but actually I was feeling more hopeful and cheery than usual in December because I had a new strategy in the Softcup, so I don’t think that’s it. Is there anything else it could be?!

    Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

  22. Lindsay permalink
    March 16, 2009 6:43 pm

    I just ordered the instead softcup yesterday!! Can’t wait to get it. Hubby and I have been TTC for 13mo. We got pg 12/08, however we unfortunately I had a miscarriage. I am really hoping this little thing will do the trick!! I thought they were too weird for periods but this is a fantastic idea that seems to have great results.

    I ovulate in 12 days so I will let you know!

  23. missy permalink
    April 12, 2009 2:35 am

    Just started using instead we will c

  24. Angela permalink
    April 12, 2009 4:59 pm

    I just brought the instead softcups at walmart. I heard about this on fertiliy friend site. I have been TTC since November 08 no luck yet. So I decide to try them. I will be using them this week April 16-23.
    How long do you keep the cups inside you? Do you keep them in when you take a shower? The more information the better chances I have.

  25. Gibbie permalink
    April 21, 2009 8:13 am

    Wow!! We have been ttc #3 for 9 months now. Reading this gives me hope. I am going to buy some today!!

    • Deb permalink
      April 22, 2009 11:00 am

      Hi Gibbie,

      I’ve also been trying for 9 months so I’m with you on trying this product out. I figured its worth as try!

  26. Deb permalink
    April 22, 2009 10:59 am

    After reading this site, I’m going to give this product a try! I’m 36 and have been TTC for 9 months. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I’ll write back to let you know if this product has helped, I’m also going to take some of the suggested fertility herbs like vitex and folic acid.

    • Gibbie permalink
      April 25, 2009 10:46 am

      Hi Deb! It’s nice to know someone else besides me TTC for 9 mos. Please let me know how your experience with Instead goes. I went to Target, Walgreens, and Walmart and could not find Instead. Have you bought yours yet and if so where?? Good luck!!

    • Gibbie permalink
      May 9, 2009 10:11 am

      Any luck Deb?

  27. April 25, 2009 10:12 am

    So can anyone answer the question of how long to leave the cup in after intercourse. If you’re having baby making sex every other day would you insert it after sex and then leave it in until the next morning or beyond? Inquiring minds want to know!

    • Rebecca permalink
      May 23, 2010 7:43 pm

      I left mine in for almost a day!

    • Misty permalink
      June 6, 2012 1:11 am

      Overnight and removed next morning.

  28. Becky permalink
    April 27, 2009 5:27 pm

    I think you leave them for 10-12 hours. They are not known to cause toxic shock so you should be fine. But, I would still take them off at that point. This afternoon, we are going to have Intercourse and then I will insert one. I just bought the conception kit on line a couple days ago and they are on the way to me. THEN…today when I was getting a massage, the massuese said – hey, how about using Instead cups? I was like…”whats that?” She said they are awesome and told me all about them and I was like…duh! $8 vs. $300? So, I went to Walgreens and bought a pack. Geesh! Wish I would have known that before hand. We have a few problems affecting fertility. First, my husband had a varicocele which was fixed through surgery 2 years ago. His count is still very low but is 5-25 million instead of ZERO. I am older at 42 so I don’t ovulate every month and I also have a tipped uterus to the front. So, these cups are supposed to help with both of our fertility issues.

    • July 13, 2009 10:38 am

      Becky just wondering if you had any success yet. I have been ttc for exactly one year this month after a tubal reversal and I am 44 yo. I’m trying to beat the clock for one more. I have 3 chilren 18, 21, 24 but than it was easy. my new husband is younger than me, no children and would like one Wow! alot of pressure! I ordered the softcup and plan to try it. I believe my husband has a low sperm count too. hope to hear from you.

  29. Becky permalink
    April 27, 2009 5:29 pm

    Please try these first before buying that very expensive conception kit – especially since it is essentially the same thing. Also, buy ovulation strips in bulk online. And, chart your temps!

  30. Becky permalink
    April 27, 2009 5:30 pm

    one more thing… think 9 mos is a long time to try. We have been trying for over FIFTEEN YEARS!!!!!!!!! He is an only child so there are no genetic grandchildren and I have one daughter from a prior relationship

  31. April 28, 2009 8:45 am

    having a child after marriage is one of the joy that the couple may achieve but some aren’t lucky to have this. Some uses any fertility medicine to be a help in their pregnancy period. Other also uses Fertility kits for their medication.

  32. Trying for 4 years permalink
    May 3, 2009 10:44 am


    Tried TTC for 4 years with no luck. I just started using this month. Today is CD14, we BD last night and I inserted one right after we BD. Hope this helps. We’ll see I will keep u posted.

  33. Rhea permalink
    May 11, 2009 9:11 pm

    Hi there –

    TTC for almost a year – have been using instead this month – will keep you posted!

    In answer to the “how long” question – I pop one in after we dtd and take it out in the am.

  34. Emmie permalink
    May 14, 2009 9:25 pm

    Hi guys…turned out to be hormonal imbalance caused by herbal supplements. Try, try again! Back to the Softcups! Hope for a miracle for me. 😉

    • Valorie permalink
      June 8, 2009 6:18 pm

      I had the same thing happen to me! I was positive I was pregnant and had all of the early symptoms plus no period. After 5 home pregnancy tests, 2 blood tests, and normal thyroid test, my OB/GYN diagnosed me with a hormone imbalance as well. Also, I take a couple of medications for depression which can also have a huge effect on hormones. Anyway, I thought I was losing my mind, so it was nice to read about someone else who had a similar experience. My husband and I are TTC and this will be our first month using the soft cups. I wish for you the very best of luck and hope to see an update!! Here’s to praying for a little miracle for you:)

  35. Traci permalink
    May 25, 2009 11:49 pm

    Hi there, DH and I have been TTC for almost 2 1/2 years. I read about this on numerous websites and have decided to give it a try. DH already has one child from a previous relationship, and we are going to wait another 2 months before trying since I just had a miscarriage last month. I’m super excited to try this product and could use any other advice other couples have tried.

    Thanks and God Bless.

  36. Trying for 4 years permalink
    May 29, 2009 4:13 pm

    Sorry guys, I thought I was going to get preg with this instead cup magically but AF showed up. My temp shoot up for a little while then it drop at 16dpo at 18dpo that’s when real heavy flow showed up. what a big disappointment!

    • lisa permalink
      April 1, 2010 8:34 am

      Have you been to a doctor? You should have your FSH and Estradiol levels checked on Day 2-3 of your cycle. You could have bad quality eggs.

  37. Gibbie permalink
    June 9, 2009 10:20 pm

    Tried Instead this month. DIDN’T work. AF showed her ugly face! I don’t know if I’ll try these again.

  38. Mari permalink
    June 25, 2009 9:26 am

    After doing some research on the web, I decided to try these this month. I figured what could it hurt? I bought a box of 14 for 9.99 at the grocery store, and had them on the bedside table ready to use. And now, after 20 months of trying, I am pregnant! I can’t say for sure that the soft cups helped, but it was a really cheap, easy method of improving our chances. I’m a fan for sure, now.

    • July 13, 2009 10:41 am

      Mari, your story gives alot of hope! trying for 12 months, going to try these soft cups, hope it does it! congrats!!!!!

  39. Mari permalink
    July 13, 2009 11:40 am

    Thanks, Lisa. I am still so excited. Just a little more info, since I see you are also an “older” mother-to-be — I am 40. Actually it looks like I conceived just a few days before my 40th birthday. Best birthday present ever! And I don’t mind at all that I have to wait 9 months to open it. So, there is hope. Good luck to you!

  40. July 14, 2009 9:43 am

    Mari that is awesome! I am so happy for you! yea, i am waiting for the softcups to arrive and like i said it can’t hurt ive already been trying for 12 months now without success! that is the best birthday present ever! I going to keep on trying and i’ll let you know i’m going to stay positive and say when i get a BFP!!!! I hope soon, gotta beat that clock! I’ll talk to you soon

  41. July 14, 2009 9:45 am

    Mari, I forgot to ask? how long did you leave the cups in after sex and did you use them everytime during your fertile time?

    • Mari permalink
      July 14, 2009 10:20 am

      I used them every time while I was fertile. I’d put them in right after intercourse and leave them in all night. You can leave them in up to 12 hours. I probably left them in about 8 hours.

  42. July 14, 2009 1:04 pm

    ok thanks we’ll see what happens

  43. Joates permalink
    July 21, 2009 8:57 pm

    I can say it can’t hurt to try the instead cup. The first time I conceived it was after almost two years of trying. The second time I conceived was over two years later. No birth control used each time, I just assumed I wasn’t fertile. I tried the instead cup for one month. I am now pregnant. It worked for me, and for $10, not a bad investment.

  44. Rachel permalink
    July 24, 2009 5:02 pm

    Hello! These responses are great to hear. I’ve never heard of this device before. I’m going to try it this cycle. Is anyone else using these along with fertility meds – femara (aka letrozole)? Can you just get these at wal-mart or local store? I’m excited to try….fingers crossed!

  45. Rachel permalink
    July 24, 2009 5:15 pm

    Just wanted to make it clear, I’m not the author of this….I just noticed her name was Rachel too. lol.

  46. Rhea permalink
    July 24, 2009 7:27 pm


    We have been using them since May without any luck getting pg…..I’m wondering if the plastic could have a negative effect on the sperm?

    I’ve still got a few left, so I’ll keep trying them…..

  47. August 14, 2009 12:23 pm

    I just stumbled on this website. I am amazed at the results you are all getting. I have been TTC for 3.5 years. We have just finished a third cycle of 50mg Clomid. We are in the WW to find out. I don’t think that it happened this month. Just not feeling it. You have gotten my interest, I think that I may just have to go and try the Softcup.

  48. August 14, 2009 12:26 pm

    Are you also elevating your hips after intercourse while using the SoftCups?

  49. lisa permalink
    August 14, 2009 9:26 pm

    well, no luck! used the softcup last cycle for the first time. I am still going to keep trying with the softcup and not give up yet. Going to Dr. monday see if he’ll start me on clomid if he thinks its for me. Time clock ticking. Everytime AF comes its tears! tears! tears! think i’m making it way worse on myself! good luck everyone!

  50. Gibbie permalink
    August 14, 2009 10:02 pm

    Well hit the 1 year of TTC mark without any luck. Tried Instead= didn’t work for me. Went to Dr. and he said “it’ll happen” So frustrated. Every month gets worse and worse when AF shows her UGLY face. Trying a new Dr. this month. Hopefully, he can help! Wish me luck.

    • Tori permalink
      December 28, 2009 8:16 pm

      I know you are fustrated. I stood by my best friend while she tried for 2 1/2 years w/o any luck. I felt really horrible for her. She eventually got on clomid and tried the instead cups together, and got pregnant on the first try. Maybe you should ask your doc about clomid. Good Luck!

  51. lisa permalink
    August 15, 2009 5:58 pm

    well i have to wait till next cycle but i just bought a fertility monitor. yeah i hit the one year mark this month. but still not losing hope. go to a new doctor monday. we’ll see!

  52. Julie permalink
    September 9, 2009 4:02 pm

    We have been TTC for a year and a half. We struggled for over two years with my first. I gave this a try and it gets stuck every time. I noticed a woman said that she sneezed and it just came out. She couldn’t see how they’d get stuck. Well, mine did. We are all made differently. I have an extremely introverted uterus. I inserted it properly and had my husband with me. I just thought that I’d warn some of you! We can get them out, but it is quite a painful struggle. If you’re wondering if I’m an idiot, I’m not. I’m an intelligent woman who can read instructions properly. We’re all made differently. I could see how someone could have difficulties. Oh… and by the way, a hand mirror would not be helpful for retrieving it from inside your vagina close to your cervix. Rachel, I hope you have been enlightened!

    • lisa permalink
      April 1, 2010 8:36 am

      bear down like you are pushing something out…you will be able to pull it out.

  53. Deb permalink
    September 10, 2009 12:06 pm

    I’m trying the instead softcup for the first time this month, I found mine at walgreens. I figured it was worth a shot. I’ll let you know how it goes. I was able to use them twice during my ovulation time… day 11 and 12… I left them in for about 10 hours.

  54. Jessica permalink
    September 10, 2009 8:37 pm

    My husband and I have been trying for over a year now, we had one unsuccessful pregnancy 😦 And have been heart broken and frustrated since. I read about the insteads last month and decided to try this time around. We used them during fertile days. I am 4 days away from my period and have been experiencing Some cramping and strange twinges for the last two weeks (which is not normal for me)I took a pregnancy test (who am i kidding i took a 3) All negative. Im hoping its just a matter of taking them to early. Its funny Because I just feel pregnant (could be all in my head) But hopefully we will know soon. We are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping these things work. Ill let u know our results in a few day’s.

  55. Rhea permalink
    September 10, 2009 9:55 pm

    Thought I’d pop back in and say the Instead’s were no more help than anything else……still not PG…..we used them for about 3-4 months….

  56. Marty permalink
    September 19, 2009 10:30 am

    I’m 40 and have been using the Diva Cup for 3 years now for my period. What a pleasure to use. I was going backpcking for 10 days & knew I was going to get my period – an online menstrual doctor recommended it – TRY IT. My husband & I just started last month to get pregnant (on a big backpacking trip). No luck. Now I have been reading: sex positions, 20 minutes with a pillow under you – & THEN raed use a menstraul cup. So I have been using it this month. I’ll keep you posted. But as someone else wrote – have it ready by your bedside ready to insert. I am very comfortable with my huband, but for romantic value I do it after he leaves the room, but start laying on the pillow minues after we have finished – he’sgetting a kick out of that – I’ll keep you posted – how exciting if the cup works – mine is a DIVA CUP.

    • Becky K permalink
      January 26, 2010 6:37 pm

      I have no experience with the softcup, and only just got a ladycup, but I don’t think a standard menstrual cup would work anywhere near as well. They are so much deeper than the softcups, per their pics, that I don’t know how much contact you would have between cervix and semen. But as everyone is at a slightly different angle, especially with a pillow, it’s worth a shot (perhaps while waiting for softcups to arrive).

      Good luck all. My hubby and I tried for 4-1/2 years before the Lord blessed us with a child without any “interventions”. He had a low count, less than 1% of “normal”, but eventually it worked. (Ahem, I was laying backwards over an exercise ball with my head near the floor, strictly for fun, but apparently it was useful too!)

    • Lindsay permalink
      February 17, 2010 8:44 pm

      I’ve used the diva cup and the instead cup for AF and fyi there is a big difference, the instead soft cup sits up against the cervix, the diva cup does not. I would think the diva cup would not help any more than just staying horizontal.

      I only just found out about using the soft cup this way, i think i will try it next month.

  57. Gibbie permalink
    September 21, 2009 7:21 am

    New dr helped!! + test!!!!!!! Good luck to everyone!!

  58. Marty permalink
    September 21, 2009 10:45 pm

    Congrats Gibbie!

    I’ve decided to stop using the cup – it’s only our second month of trying. (Age 40)

    • November 15, 2009 11:52 pm

      Marty, I think I’m going to do the same! I really didn’t care for my first experience and Heather who responed here asked a smart question: “what if the sperm are being kept out instead of being helped to stay in”? I think she has a great point! As for me, I’m not using it anymore!

  59. Shelly permalink
    October 2, 2009 2:19 pm

    Ok, so I’ve just ordered the cups but this is my question: is it possible for the cup to keep sperm out? What if all the sperm is not concentrated right at the cervix. If you cover the cervix then they can’t get to it. That is my concern.

    • November 15, 2009 11:49 pm

      Shelly, you seem to be the only one thinking here! I hadn’t thought about that!! I don’t know what to do, I’ve ordered so many of them thinking this might be the solution! I’m really had trouble getting it out after using it for the first time and I did panic, but luckily, I was able to reach the rim and yanked it out. It’s a little scary and you’re brilliant question makes me wonder about it altogether!
      Thanks for thinking for all of us! Good luck to you!

    • Jay permalink
      October 4, 2010 4:05 am

      I’d say, just make sure the semen is collected inside the cup, and keep it level as you insert and secure the softcup around your cervix. 🙂

  60. Heather permalink
    October 16, 2009 9:18 am

    I tried Instead last month and it didn’t work. I plan to give it another shot. I just wanted to put it out there that it’s not exactly a miraculous experience for all of us. Hopefully this month will be different.

  61. Shelleyb permalink
    October 21, 2009 2:49 pm

    We have been trying to get pregnant with kid #2 for 3 1/2 years. After 2 years of unsuccessful fertility treatments we have decided to try again(after a year break)I was online looking for simple things that we could do and I found out about these things:) I don’t think that they are going to be a miracle treatment and am very realistic. I do however think they could help and that maybe it could end up in a pregnancy…(granted it could take us up to a year of using them)We are giving it a shot…used it last night and ummm mine got very very stuck.(very tilted uterus) So if you have trouble getting this smart little thing out of your body you can try laying down,tilting your hips up and put your whole hand up(4 or 4 fingers) and try to grab the rim.It took me a couple tries.Try not to panic…..I did at first but took a deep breath and tried until I got it out.I think I have gotten the hang of it.Gonna put another one in tonight.I will keep this board posted………..

    • Shelleyb permalink
      October 21, 2009 2:51 pm

      Oh I forgot………when you are having trouble getting it out…push like you are havin a baby and pull that sucker out.

  62. Marquita permalink
    November 2, 2009 8:28 pm

    My husband and I are TTC #3. We have been tryin for 6months now with no fertility assistance. I’m currently on Lovenox and I will during and 6wks post pregnancy. I’ve been looking for something to speed up the process as those lovenox shots are no fun! I will give this a try and keep you guys posted!

  63. November 15, 2009 11:45 pm

    Trying to conceive and tried the Instead Soft Cup for the first time. I left it in there for around 8 hours. When I tried to pull it out (lying down), I had trouble reaching it and getting it out. For a minute there, I grew afraid that it might be stuck and I might go through an embarrasing situation by having to go to a doctor to help get it out. I was relieved when I was finally able to reach the rim of the cup and snatched it out (no punn intended). Frankly, I’m a little afraid to try it again.

  64. November 15, 2009 11:53 pm

    Thanks Heather!

  65. November 16, 2009 3:28 pm

    I wonder if we’ll have a sudden surge of women going to the E.R. with Softcups stuck fast?

  66. Chelsey permalink
    November 30, 2009 8:28 pm

    I used Instead Soft Cups for my third month TTC and although it unfortunately ended in miscarriage, I got my BFP the first month of trying them! I insert them overnight, leaving them in approximately 8 hours. I do have trouble getting them out, but I figured out a simple way to do it. If you get in the bath tub full of water, and bring your knees to your chest, it brings your cervix down and make them more easy to remove. Mine suction cup like crazy! haha! But they’re so worth it. Good luck to you all!

    • Mari permalink
      December 1, 2009 12:38 am

      Chelsey, I’m so sorry to hear about your miscarriage, but I’m glad you got your BFP. Hopefully you will soon get another and the baby will hang on tight. Good luck to you.


  67. Celeste permalink
    December 2, 2009 8:27 am

    Don’t give up hope. We tried for a year then started the instead cups. Worked after three months and we did it again after our daughter was 3. Twins that time. We put the sperm directly on it instead of after intercourse. It can be messy but so is sex without the cup lol. Practice makes perfect…and in our case three beautiful girls! Good luck to everyone!

    • Chelsea permalink
      December 15, 2009 3:53 pm

      Hi Celeste…..Quick question, and hopefully Im not getting too personal….My husband and I have been trying for 1 year, his motility is low (48%) so we are trying INSTEAD soft cups because of the large success rate. We are doing the same thing as you, we are putting the sperm in the cup, but my question is…I have heard after you insert the cup, I should give myself an orgasm in order for that to work…..Is this what you did? Also, how many times during Ovulation did you insert the cups. We are planning on doing it day before Ovulation, Ovulation day and the day after.

      Sorry again if they are too personal questions…We are just so very anxious to have a baby

      P.S. Congratulations on your girls!

  68. marquita permalink
    December 28, 2009 10:03 pm

    Tried the cups for the first time in October, missed my. period for November and didn’t see it until December! I had a 45day cycle! That’s the record for me. I took numerous tests and all were negative although I have been getting some strange pains and discharge. Seen the doc and they did everything but an ultrasound. Tried the cups again this month. We’ll see what happens or what has happened! I will keep you guys posted;)

  69. Debra permalink
    January 16, 2010 3:45 pm

    Hello all,

    my husband had a VR Dec 08 and we have been trying to conceive ever since. I have read many reviews regarding the instead cup so I went out and purchased some at Walgreens two months ago. One thing you all who are TTC want to be sure of is there are no other issues going on with your spouses or yourselves. I had fertility tests done just to be sure I was within range with all horomone levels and my tests were fine. My husband had tests also – his count is good, however, his sperm werent swimming fast enough. We decided to use instead cup and pre seed lubricant ( I inserted just a half tube of preseed at least 30 min prior to intercourse) I did this every night during my entire fertility phase ——— we are expecting! I believe the instead cup does keep semen close to the cervix, and since you are lying down at night, I believe keeping sperm close to cervical opening is beneficial. Good luck to all who are still ttc- dont give up!! My physician recommended IUI but I am proud to say we saved over $400 with the instead cup method!

  70. Kimesha permalink
    February 8, 2010 11:21 pm

    My husband and I will be married 3 years in May. We haven’t been TTC that long, but all of a sudden I have baby fever. A lot of my friends are pregnant and it has now become very important to me. I saw that women were using the Instead method, but I’m kinda scared. But found all of these posts to be very useful. If I decide to try it I will let you know if it works. (I’m 28)

  71. Amanda permalink
    February 10, 2010 3:49 pm

    Hello to everyone posting on this site! I think its great that this site exists for those who are TTC. This can also be used as a great support system for us all! I have been TTC for the last 6 months now with no luck… this is so frustrating at times, but I never give up hope. My partner and I have been together for 2 years now and have come to the conclusion that all we are really missing is a child of our own! I am 21 yrs. old. We were using the “turkey baster method” up until this last cycle. Our donor made us aware of the Instead Cup, and we instantly grew an interest in using these. I purchased them at the CVS store for $7.99 which came with 14 cups. I first used the IC on the 8th of this month, and again on the 9th. We have our fingers crossed that this method works, and are hoping that we have conceived our baby! I will keep everyone posted. But, I wanted to ask a few questions…

    After the insemination on the 8th, I experienced cramping all across my lower abdomen as if I were to begin my cycle any day… on the 9th this occurred again. What is the cause of this? Also, things are tasting different to me. I think this is way too early for any signs and symptoms, but then again I have never been pregnant before. I hope to be able to get some answers!

    Thanks in advance!

    • Kimesha permalink
      February 12, 2010 9:49 am

      Amanda …I have never been pregnant either, but it sounds like something is happening. I would check with your Dr. just to make sure that everything is ok. Good luck and keep us posted!

    • Amanda permalink
      February 21, 2010 5:54 pm

      Well, to update… I was to get my period on the 19th, and have yet to start… I have taken pregnancy tests, and again they still say they are negative? I dont know whats going on, but again and again I shall wait and see!

  72. Deanna permalink
    February 21, 2010 10:04 pm

    Has anyone ever tried using the instead cups as a contraceptive? To me they look just like a diaphragm. We have three kids, tried a vasectomy and that’s how we got the third! She’s a blessing, but we REALLY don’t want anymore and I am a busy mom and can’t seem to remember to take those blasted pills every day. I was on the shot for awhile after our first, and didn’t like it. I know it says on the package it is not a contraceptive, but I was wondering if that was just to protect them from law suits. Let me know what you think.

    • Katie permalink
      June 9, 2011 3:48 pm

      i myself have 2 pill babys and i also tried the shot and hated it i gained 50 lbs. i have had the IUD in for 10 yrs and love it. it is no maintaiance. you check the strings every month after your period just to make sure they are still there. it does cause some heaveyer bleading and stronger cramps. the best past about it is you can take it out when ever and get right to trying to have a baby. that is what im about to do. Im very scared i have a 13 yr old and a 10 yr old. but have always wanted a 3rd child. I will be 30 this year and dont want to wait much longer!

  73. Amber permalink
    March 20, 2010 6:25 pm

    Hi Ladies!

    My husband and I are both very fit, very healthy individuals. We are young ( he just turned 3o, myself 26) and have been trying to concieve for 2 years. It will be 3 this Summer. Doc. said we should of had no trouble conceiving by christmas our first year trying and have no explanation for us. We have NO desire to try drugs or intervention.

    I have been using the instead cups for my period for many years now. I love it. It was difficult to accept them at first, but once I got the hang of it, It never got stuck or caused problems. But, we are all different. If you can use it, stick with it.

    Just last month I decided to use it for conception. My husband works out of town all the time, and last month, he was home at the perfect time. I used the instead cup after lovemaking and remained lyeing down for 20 min. We made love every second day, starting 2 days before ovulation, and ending 2 days after. Sadly, I got my AF on time that month.

    It’s now 1 week after my next expected ovulation and I’m already anxious.. not sure if it’s worked. but I’ll try and return to let you know if month 2 worked or not.. still keeping hope 🙂

    Good luck ladies

    • Lisa permalink
      March 25, 2010 1:41 am

      Hi Amber,
      Do you have to insert one every time you have sex over the ovulating time? Are they easy to insert? We have been trying for 1yr now with no success, hoping this helps. Goodluck to you and your husband.

    • Natalie permalink
      April 9, 2010 9:54 pm

      Hi Amber,

      My husband and I have been TTC for almost 3 years as well. We have been to many doctors and have been patients at a fertility clinic using fertility drugs for a year now but no luck. There is nothing wrong with either of us but we just cant seem to get pregnant. It’s an emotional and stressful experience. We used the instead soft cup for the first time this cycle. Did it work for you? Good luck!!!!


  74. Lisa permalink
    March 22, 2010 12:52 am

    Hi ladies, My husband and I have been ttc for just over a year now and I have just found this site about the Instead Cups, i am really excited to get them and try, but I am confused about when to insert the cups, do you insert them every day that you are ovulating or do you only use the one?? For example we try and have sex for the 4 days over ovulating week so do I insert one every day after we have had sex??

  75. Ginna permalink
    March 26, 2010 11:45 am

    Lisa, you can keep the ic for up to 12hr. Remove before intercourse and replace with new one right after intercourse so you can harvest fresh supply of swimmers each time.

    Deanne, IC are not effective contraceptives because there is no spermicidal barrier as there would be on a diaphragm.

  76. Pinkies permalink
    April 17, 2010 5:20 pm

    Just bought a 6 pack of Instead $5.49 – (Shoppers Drug Mart) – for those in Canada.
    I have a short cycle (24 days) so we’ll be trying these in the next few days for the 1st time. Been TTC since November 09, However, it was only 3 months ago that I really started charting / tracking ovulation with test strips (bought on ebay)so I am now aware of when I ovulate every month.

    Additionally, I find after we have sex, no matter what whacky position I try to contort my body into, the fluids seem to all leak out. Also, looking at the fact that the sperm lives in the body longer than the egg when its released, I’m hoping that the softcup can hold the sperm closer to the cervix when we have sex those 2-3 days before ovulation so once I ovulate, the egg encounters some eligible bachelors…so to speak, lol.

    Will keep you updated 🙂

  77. Shawna permalink
    April 21, 2010 11:12 pm

    So I first heard about the instead cups in January when I was searching the web. We have been trying to conceive for the past 6 months with no luck. So I went out and purchased a pkg of Instead cups. The first month I was still getting the hang of using them and had no problem inserting etc. Used them a few days before ovulation, during and a few days after. The first month, no luck AF showed up and I was a bit disappointed but decided to give it another try and if the instead cups didn’t work this time then I wasn’t going to try using them for conception any longer.

    Second month comes along and this time instead of inserting the cups right away after intercourse (cause I noticed some still leaked out), I elevated my hips for about 5-15 min and then inserted the cup and went to bed. And just removed when I got up the next morning. This time it WORKED!! we conceived and got a positive result 13 DPO. we are excited and I have been sharing the Instead cup options to all my friends that are trying to conceive.

  78. April 21, 2010 11:19 pm

    Congratz Shawna, you are a one lucky girl. Tons of women been trying to use this cup including me but i gave up. Up until now been trying for 5years with no luck. Take care and again congratulations.

  79. April 22, 2010 1:31 pm

    The average fertile couple (AKA 85% of the world) does not need a special cup in order to conceive. The sperm know where to go, and if you have the right cervical mucus, leakage will not be a problem. Every cycle, you have a 20% chance of conceiving. Some people hit that immediately, some hit it nearer to 12 months. Anything up to 12 months is within the realm of normal. If it takes you longer than 12 months to conceive, a cup is not going to help you, and neither will propping your hips up- you need to seek medical advice. If you have an ovulatory disorder or a tubal issue, you are wasting money on these. If you are actually infertile, like myself, and think the cup helped you, it likely did not, as some couples will hit that lucky 1-4% chance of conceiving without intervention anyway. I did.

    • Kimesha permalink
      May 4, 2010 10:50 pm

      When you say you were infertile what exactly do you mean? I am just asking because my husband and I have been married for 3 years now. But we haven’t been trying that long. The first year we used condoms, and then after that he would pull out. And just last year we haven’t been doing anything to NOT get pregnant, but have actually been trying. I have taken ovulation tests before, and I know that I ovulate. I guess I am just impatient and want to be pregnant RIGHT NOW. I did order Preseed last month, but I got AF 3 days ago. I bought the Instead cups, but I’m scared to use them. Silly right? But I agree with you, if I’m going to get pregnant, I don’t think using instead cups is going to make a difference. I am 28, DH is 25. Just wondered how you were infertile, and got preggers with no intervention. Congrats by the way!! That’s awesome!

    • IT"S ME permalink
      July 21, 2010 7:22 pm

      Speaking from personal experience i have two lil ones already. My first one was not planned, accidently a condom got stuck in me and it was full of sperm it was just sitting on my cervix and thank you very much my DAUGHTER IS 11yrs old!SORRY If this is a lil graphic but some of the people who post comments r jus 2 NEG!! Im so very excited to try INSTEAD jus 4 sake of tryin !!TTC 4 JUS one month with no assistance and got AF… Me and my Hubby R TTC and i think its worth a shot LOL…Jus did a test RUN while on MY menses that LIL sucker is HARD 2 GET OUT,but non the less practice makes perfect!I’LL be tryin WIT INSTEAD for da first time on7-31 thru 8-6 wish me luck LADIES….By the way KIMESHA its hypo-allergenic i mean ; im jus comparing it U do the math a Condom is not even that sensitive…I WILL KEEP EVERYONE UPDATED!

  80. Martha permalink
    May 20, 2010 10:04 am

    I have been trying to conceive for over 3 years now. I had tubal problems where my right tube was completely blocked and the left one partially. I did one round of IVF with no luck. After that I had a laparoscopic operation done where they were able to open my left tube this happened on October 2009. I was also going to an acupuncture therapist for one year. I took prenatal vitamins and 4life feminine vitamins. I tried the cup only one time during ovulation and I’m pregnant 8 Weeks. I don’t think that my positive result is due to the cup, but I think it helped. It does not cost much to try. I think the investment is word it. But most of all don’t for get that the ultimate word is from God. I thank him everyday for my miracle. God bless you all.

  81. Rebecca permalink
    May 23, 2010 7:39 pm

    Instead Soft Cups helped me get pregnant the first month I tried! I’m convinced!

  82. katrina permalink
    May 25, 2010 2:30 pm

    I’m having the same problem as Jamie (scroll a ways up) — i.e., I’m putting the semen into the Instead cup and then inserting it, and in the process of inserting it, the cup/bag part gets squeezed and the semen spills out. I don’t know how much, if any, is ending up near my cervix; it seems like most if not all of it gets squeezed out before I can get the cup up in there. Can anyone who is using the same method advise? I imagine one would have the same problem with the cup that comes with that conception kit. (This is, of course, for those of us who are, for one reason or another, not able to use the cup immediately post intercourse…like when you’ve got an exhausted husband, as someone here mentioned, or when you’ve got a sperm donor…)
    Again, any advice? I am keeping the cup as horizontal as possible to try and prevent spillage, but can’t figure out what else might help. Thanks!!!

    • Martha permalink
      May 26, 2010 8:23 am

      Katrina, try to collect the semen in a plastic container then put it in a small syringe. Then insert the syringe with the sample inside you. After that insert the cup. Make sure that the syringe and the plastic container are properly sanitized to avoid any infection. In my case I used the applicators that come with the Pre-Seed Lubricant. And I use the lubricant as well. God Bless you

    • Jemma permalink
      June 21, 2010 1:51 pm

      use pre-seed lubricant so it slides in easier. I had trouble inserting them unless things were really lubricated down there!

  83. Nikki permalink
    May 27, 2010 6:30 pm

    Im loving this!! My husband and i have been trying for 6 years to conceive. This sounds promising. We dont have the money to see a fertility doctor so, Im going to give this a try!!!!! Thank you so much everyone for your stories. Brought me to tears to see all the success!!

  84. Dawn permalink
    May 30, 2010 10:18 am

    I stumbled upon this thread about 6 weeks ago. My husband and I have been trying for 6 months. We bought the instead cups and preseed off a website and just started using them with this cycle. I really hope they work.

    I plan to insert them after intercourse and leave them in for the recommended 12 hours. I also like the flexibility of being able to insert the sperm inside myself and then inserting the cups to help that.

    Here to hoping for a BFP!
    Good Luck to all you ladies trying!

  85. Tina permalink
    June 3, 2010 1:34 pm

    How would you use pre-seed while using the cup? I am on femara and it dries up the good cm so I need pre-seed to help with that but if I use the cup, how would I do that? Thank you

    • Joanna permalink
      June 3, 2010 11:29 pm

      I would just insert the pre-seed, have intercourse, then insert the cup, pre-seed will just mimic fertile cervical mucous.

  86. Joanna permalink
    June 3, 2010 11:35 pm

    My husband and I were TTC for over 2 years before finally conceiving my son back in 2007, we were told we almost certainly were going to have to have medical intervention due to my husbands low counts and motility issues. We put him on several supplements that greatly increased his motility and increased his counts some. I believe God performed a miracle in our lives because I found out I was pregnant just 24 hours after going to seek a new fertility specialist to get a second opinion.

    Well we are currently TTC # 2 now, been trying about 5 months and I am dreading another long journey, I came across instead and am excited after reading all the positive reviews but I have to say I am not expecting it to work, I bought some at wal-mart about a week ago and I am currently in my fertile time, we dtd last night and I inserted instead and left it in about 6 hours, I believe my actual ovulation will occur tomorrow, I am going to use another one and leave it in longer, more like 10-12 hours, then I’ll use it again a day after just to be safe, I’ll check back in about 2 weeks to see how it goes, but I am setting myself up not to be disappointed, I couldn’t imagine this working so quickly, I am skeptical…but we’ll see…

    • Joanna permalink
      June 3, 2010 11:37 pm

      Oops, I meant 24 hours BEFORE we were going to a new fertility center, got to cancel my appointment 🙂

  87. Kimberly permalink
    June 8, 2010 9:22 am

    I used the soft cup in april and it worked. I had been ttc for over a year. Sadly it was an ectopic pregnancy but dh and i plan on trying again when my body and emotions heal.

  88. Trinity permalink
    June 12, 2010 12:53 am

    We have been trying for 6 years and found out in January that my tubes were blocked. Thankfully the test opened then again and doc said there had only been debris blocking them that happens over time. Got pregnant that same month but miscarried (from stress I think my boyfirends father passed away suddenly the same month). I am on my 4th round of Clomid and ran across the posting while looking for help. I ran out to WalMart and got them so I can try them this cycle. Crossing my fingers.

    Baby dust to all 🙂

    • Elizabeth permalink
      July 5, 2010 11:07 pm

      Hi Trinity,

      How did it go? I am used the cup the other day, got it in, but had a hard time getting it out. I took an ovulation test yesterday and will be bdancing tonight and using the cup. I am also on 100 mg of clomid so I am keeping my fingers crossed. Lots of baby dust your way.


    • Trinity permalink
      July 6, 2010 9:04 am

      Hi Elizabeth,

      No luck this time started my 5th round (I think) of Clomid yesterday. I will keep trying and I am going to still use the cups I figure for the price it can’t hurt to try. It takes a couple of times with the cup to get the hang of it.

      Baby dust to you 🙂

  89. Jemma permalink
    June 21, 2010 1:48 pm

    I ttc for a year using ovulation tests with no luck (1 mc after 9 months). The first time we tried instead cups we got pregnant. I inserted them immediately after sex. We also used pre-seed as a lubricant. My baby is now 4 months old.

  90. Elizabeth permalink
    June 23, 2010 8:14 pm

    My partner and I have been ttc since December 2009. Each month I get my hopes up and then am crushed and saddened when AF comes. I am now starting my second does of clomid tomorrow. 100mg/day. I came across this product today and am now very hopeful and will try this too. I am also going to try an ovulation prediction kit too this month. I am 40 and ttc #3. It sure is not as easy this time around. I am so hoping this works for us.

  91. Sam permalink
    June 27, 2010 11:46 am

    I just bought the instead cup and started using it today. My question that I can’t find an answer to is HOW do I know if I’m using it correctly…short of messing all over my underwear.

    The directions are simple, squeeze and put it in. But does it just shift into place? Any advice for the newbie and the Instead cup. (I’m trying this before I invest in something reusable).

    • Trinity permalink
      June 27, 2010 5:18 pm

      I have had no problems using it. I put it in lying in bed right after BDing. It does go into place on it’s own you just need to get it there. The only difference is for me when it is time to take it out I have to pull down on the ring part before I pull (bone is in the way). I can’t tell it’s there and so far no problems (it is a little wierd the first coouple of times). I have about a week to go to see if it has helped.

      Good luck to you 🙂

  92. disneygirl permalink
    July 5, 2010 5:11 am

    i used the instead soft cup for the first time last night. i have twins thru icsi(ivf) and they are 3 yrs old and we have not used anything to prevent a pregnancy in 2.5 yrs. i have been tracking my cycle since jan and have it down to a fine art now, dh had fert issues, low count , motility and high clotting so this is a long shot. he wont go back for another ivf. i’m 29 so have time on my side but i’m really really really hoping the soft cup will get his swimmers to my egg. i so want another baby.
    i’m nearing ovulation probably tomorrow. so say a huge prayer that a mircale baby might come my way soon.
    also no messy underwear this morning was a big bonus. so it really kept all the swimmers together.

    • Elizabeth permalink
      July 5, 2010 11:11 pm

      Hi Disneygirl,
      I am on clomid – 100 mg, have 2 beautiful daughters and am ttc #3. My husband will not get his sperm count check. I am 40 and it has been a hard 6 months. I took an ovulation test yesterday and it was positive, so we will be bdancing hopefully for the next 3 days and using the cup. I did use it the other day and found it hard to get out. Lots of baby dust your way.


  93. Gean permalink
    July 6, 2010 10:56 pm

    Last night after having BD, I lay on the bed for 3 to 5 minutes with a pillow under my hip, then put in the cup…after that, I lay down with two pillows under my hip for another 10 minutes. But when I got up, some sperms still leaked out. Did I do anything wrong when putting in the cup? or should I have waited longer before putting in the cup?

  94. Ashley permalink
    July 13, 2010 12:23 pm

    Well after hearing so many positive out comes with the instead cups, me and my husband decided to use them 7/9/10 and 7/10/10 while i was ovulating. We have been married 3 yrs and together 5 yrs and have not got pregnat yet. I am really disappointed and wishing and praying a miricle comes our way. I am to for my pd to come around 7/26/10 so we will see in about another week or 2 the out come if i am or not. Please wish me luck! Good luck to all of you ladies trying. It will happen soon. If you have any suggestions or feed back, let me know.

    • disneygirl permalink
      July 13, 2010 1:32 pm

      hi girls,
      well it looks like there are a few of us on the tww.
      i used it between the 5th and the 8th. i have pcos and it can be hard to pin point exact time of ov. but played it safe and bd nearly every day except once on day6.
      i have to say my boobs are killing me, not sure if thats a sign or just a usual pain, but they are pretty big and hard and the areola and nipple are definitely more puffy and bigger.
      please god let this be my month.
      girls one of you asked about the insertion and spillage.
      it must sit right in against the back of the cervix. i elevated myself for 15 mins post bd and then slipped it in afterwards. make sure you push it right back and secure it all around the sides. its literally at a right angle to the vagina entrance. as for taking it out its tricky alright. but someone else said to push like when in labour and that helps.
      also if you can orgasm after the cup goes in it will create a vacumm and suck up some of the semen,
      god the things we go thru!
      hoping to get a bfp about 22nd of july.
      babydust to

  95. Elizabeth permalink
    July 17, 2010 10:58 am

    Hi Ladies,

    I had a + ovulation test on 7/4. Due to being out of town with the kids and 4th of July activities, we bd’d on 7/1 and 7/5. I used the cup both times immediately when we were done, I had it on the bed next to me ready to go. Nothing leaked liked usual. I had an Ultrasound on 7/12 because my doctor wanted to check for follicles (I am on 100 mg of clomid). He said he found 2 large follicles, one on each ovary and said it was a very promising sign. Well this week is the week prior to PMS. My usual symptoms are sore breasts, tired mainly in the morning, I feel super self conscious, and bloated. Well this week, I have had a slight headache all week, (normally just get this the day before af comes) back ache all week , (normally just get this the day before af comes) and I napped each day after work which I never do. Also my breasts feel bigger and heavier, but no pain at all. I am also not bloated. I am also super constipated (I know, sorry for the TMI). I am due to get my period on Monday, 7/19. Oh how I pray this is the month. Please keep me updated on your status and please send prayers, baby dust and good wishes my way.


  96. Elizabeth permalink
    July 17, 2010 10:59 am

    Hi Ladies,

    I had a + ovulation test on 7/4. Due to being out of town with the kids and 4th of July activities, we bd’d on 7/1 and 7/5. I used the cup both times immediately when we were done, I had it on the bed next to me ready to go. Nothing leaked liked usual. I had an Ultrasound on 7/12 because my doctor wanted to check for follicles (I am on 100 mg of clomid). He said he found 2 large follicles, one on each ovary and said it was a very promising sign. I am due to get my period on Monday, 7/19. Oh how I pray this is the month. Please keep me updated on your status and please send prayers, baby dust and good wishes my way.


  97. July 19, 2010 10:44 am

    I just tried it yesterday for the first time so I’ll try to remember to report back in two weeks when I know if it worked. I’ve been on 100mg Clomid with a trigger shot so the timing should be right on.

    I did want to comment that perhaps it fits a little differently in every woman. I found it to be uncomfortable (even a little painful) and I had a tough time getting it out. It didn’t take me 20 hours – it was more like 5 minutes – but I definitely considered having my BF get it out for me. It was stuck way up in there (TMI sorry).

  98. Megan permalink
    July 19, 2010 2:47 pm

    Hubby and I have been trying for over 3 years. Had severe endometriosis that blocked my tubes requiring surgery. My HSG in June showed that both of my tubes are finally open at the same time! Doc started me on 50mg clomid this cycle. I’m now 8 days past the last dose and haven’t had a positive OPK yet. I am also using the cups for the first time. I also find them to be uncomfortable to remove. They’re easy to put in (although I worry they may not be in the right place like everyone else), I don’t notice them while I’m wearing them, but they are difficult to remove and I feel sore from them. I will check back in to let you know if it worked or not.

  99. Liz permalink
    July 20, 2010 9:28 am

    Hi Everyone,

    I am so frustrated!! I was due for af yesterday (28 days) and nothing. I took a hpt and it was negative. It clearly said “not pregnant”. I have been like clockwork for almost 12 years. My lmp was on 6/21, started 100 mg of clomid on 6/23-6/27. I had a + opk on 7/4. We bd’d on 7/1 and 7/5. I also used the soft cup both days overnight and took it out the next morning. I feel lots of cm and run to the bathroom to see if it is af and all the time just cm.

    No real PMS symptoms for me. I have no idea what is going on. I have had an aching back, constipation, heavier, fuller breasts (not sore) and a lot of cm(tmi…I am sorry) and a headache all last week and into this week. It was different from PMS because usually I have no cm and only a backache and headache the day before af. Also, my breasts normally are sore/tender.

    Could I still be pregnant even with a negative hpt on the day of my missed period?

  100. disney permalink
    July 20, 2010 9:56 am

    hi liz,
    if you ovulated a few days later than you think then yes you could still be pregnant and get a negative test result. however if you are absolutely certain of ov dates then you are probably not pregnant and just getting some extra af symptoms.
    been crampy in my lower back myself. due af on thurs i think. got a mucus spotting last night and as i was 10 days post ov i thought maybe implantation bleed but i’d say its more likely to be a sign of af.
    really down about it , if it is coming. really hoping to get a bfp .
    ice had huge heavy boobs this month too but it stopped a week ago, also having headaches which i got on my pregnancy with the twins. and very teary eyed. but all this could also mean af due.
    well looks like we both need to just wait and see for a few more days.

  101. Mari permalink
    July 20, 2010 11:20 am

    Liz, when home pregnancy tests can be read accurately depends on the sensitivity of the tests, on the time of day you use them, and on the individual woman and the amount of HCG in her urine. When I finally got pregnant with DS I first got a negative test,and then for a few days got tests with such faint, faint second lines that I thought it might be wishful thinking on my part or an evaporation line or something. But a blood test confirmed that I was pregnant. DS is now 5 months old. It is still possible. Baby dust your way.


  102. denise permalink
    July 21, 2010 10:06 pm

    Well this is my first month using the cups. Im also taking guafenesin to help thin my cervical mucous. I have been trying to concieve baby # 4 with my new husband for over a year. Its never been this hard for me to concieve but each month im disappointed. I’m honestly very skeptical about it working, especially with alll of the success stories of it happening in the first month but decided that it wouldnt hurt to try. I will keep u guys posted if this cup really works. Good luck to all.

  103. Hmccall permalink
    July 22, 2010 5:41 pm

    Well, after reading everyone’s comments I feel compelled to write. DH & I have been TTC #2 for 5mons. 8 yrs ago with DS it took 19mons w/o any help, however, I feel that DH has a low sperm count and possibly poor mortility. I have tried to encourage him to go get SA, but he does not think he needs one. He is 39 or I am 36. I just received my softcups and will be using them in conjunction with pre seed. I started 200mg of B6 to help lengthen my luteal phase last month as well. My cycles have been 26 days and 9 day LP. The B6 increased it to 28days with an 11-12 day LP last cycle. I will keep ya’ll posted if it works.

    • disney permalink
      July 23, 2010 2:38 am

      hi girls,
      well i’m afraid my trial run of the soft cup didn’t work . after 2 negative tests and then AF arriving its game over again. i’m not certain if the soft cup will work for us afterall we know that dh has low motility and count so its unlikely to happen. but we just cant afford more ICSI.
      i might try Again this month . bit fed up today but things could always be worse.

  104. July 23, 2010 6:32 am

    Oh..!! Well i was really not aware about the fact of soft cups.. thanks a lot for this concept as Ii came to know now.

  105. July 23, 2010 11:31 am

    We tried them last year for about 6 months (after ttc for a year). Nothing. We’ve now been ttc for 2 years and still nothing. Everything else checks out.

    Not to be too negative about it – really, they can’t hurt and for some they might help. Not for us though.

  106. vicky permalink
    August 31, 2010 9:16 am

    Hello ladies,
    My partner and I have been ttc for over a year. We are trying the cup this month for the first time. I am super excited to give this a try. I am no clomid and will be getting a trigger shot for ovulation. I. Am very happy everything is going so well for some and my only advise is to keep your head up for those who are still ttc. Baby dust to everyone and I will let everyone know how it goes in about a month.

  107. October 16, 2010 2:07 pm

    Hello all, I am going to ovulate in the next day or two. I have been TTC for 6 months now and nothing. I have tried the Pre-Seed (for only two months now) and the quaifinasin, and am on pre-natals. I am going to try the softcups as well. I am a little worried about getting them out. I have VERY painful ovulation and uterine pain for about 5 days during ovulation so I am going to try the softcups tonight and tomorrow before the pain starts. I am crossing my fingers. I am 38 so I really feel my clock ticking. My DH sperm count is low but good motility. We have had unprotected sex for 7 years now and nothing. I have no biological children so I am VERY excited for a chance at this. I will keep you all posted. The TWW is going to be torture! I am going to try my best not to think about it. I am going on a trip so that should help too. Baby dust to all and GOD bless.

  108. Ollie permalink
    November 20, 2010 2:40 am

    Hello all! For starters, all these stories have given me hope and inspiration. My DH have been TTC for over a year now, and no luck. So we’ve seen and heard about couples using the Conception Cups and Instead softcups. Now we’ve heard better feedback about Instead, so we definately want to give those a try. So I have a couple of questions. Should there be a certain day I should start using them within my ovulation time? Lately within my 4 day window of my ovulation time, my DH and I have started BD on day one and did so every other day. Should we continue that? Or should we BD everyday in that time zone? I’m also nervous about if I put the cup in right, if it gets stuck. And if I know that I set it in right.. (sorry if this is TMI) Well I’ll keep posted if it works. Thanks again!

  109. Jenna permalink
    November 23, 2010 5:12 pm

    Miracle!!!!! Ive been TTC for 3 years, and have PCOS. I am now 35 and felt my time was running out so I began looking into IVT options. I read about Instead cups off THIS very site, decided I have nothing to lose. First month, BFN. Second month, I made it so that I always had an Instead Cup in me for about 7 days. Every 10-12 hours, I had my husband collect his sperm into the cup. Well I am now 6 weeks pregnant after 3 years of trying and going to fertility specialists!! And only my second attempt with the instead cup!!

  110. Ollie permalink
    November 23, 2010 11:44 pm

    Ok, so we’ve been trying the cups. Tried putting the semen in the cup before inserting, and it spilled everywhere in the process. Tried putting the cup in after BD to hopefully catch the semen, and it still jumps out. We felt we had a better chance with putting it in after BD, but any advice on how to keep it all in? (Sorry if this is TMI, but there is just no easy way to put it) And I dont even know if I even get the cup in correct position. I tried watching the youtube video that someone posted, and reading. And I just dont understand how Im not getting it. Well. I still have time. Ill keep the updates going.

    Answers to anything would be soooo much appreciated!

    Thanks all!

  111. Jenna permalink
    November 24, 2010 4:56 pm

    Ollie, I actually used the cups during my period which is why I even decided to try this method- i had a bunch of them. Im used to using these thing, however I dont put them in the same way as I do when im on my period. For one thing, i lay down and put it in… I make sure the plastic “bag” part is completely wide open, i even blew on it to make sure its not wrinkled. Then i fill it with semen and i fold the pink plastic ring part like a ziplock bag then stick it in while tightly keeping it folded. Once its in deep enough it should be pretty secure and should stay there. i lay there for a while after. Id recommend trying to practice using these things while youre on your period if youre still having problems with semen spilling. Good luck and baby dust to you!!!

    • Ollie permalink
      November 25, 2010 9:42 pm

      Jenna- Thanks a ton. I actually started using them when I got my period, and even just testing them out to ‘learn’ to get it right. Well I still have some time before the unwelcome AF thinks about appearing. Thanks for your advice! I’ll keep posted with updates. I was curious if I should really try the cough medicine or not. To help with CM. Either or, thanks again!

  112. Nicole permalink
    November 25, 2010 10:51 pm

    My husband (27) and I(28) used these along with the Clear Blue Easy fertility monitor on our third month of trying to conceive. We used them each time after sex or filled the cup and inserted that way. One the first try we found out we where pregnant. Unfortunately we miscarried after 10 weeks. Three months later and we are trying again… and yes I will be using these again. I am in the medical field and for all of those with negative comments… we are all different. Some people just have fertility issues that the cups cant solve, but it isnt going to hurt to try. I will be using these whether it takes a couple of months or not. I wish all of you luck. Trust me, I know how depressing it can be waiting for it to happen especially after a miscarriage.

  113. Ollie permalink
    December 19, 2010 9:31 pm

    So it didn’t work… This time at least…. We still have some left over and probably will continue to buy more. We need all the encouragement we can get! And for the cheap price they go for, it’s a definate plus. Keeping the positive thinking always! Let’s hope for next month!

  114. Jenna permalink
    January 5, 2011 4:33 pm

    Hi again Ollie! Dont give up! I got into the habit of disappointment over the years and realized it was just eating me up. I just quit worrying and stressing, counted my blessings for having a lovely husband, 3 adorable cats, and parents who love me. So guess what happens after I stop really stressing? Boom I get pregnant. I heard it so often that once people stop stressing, they get pregnant. My doctor even said stress hormones screw with the ovaries so try and not worry too much. Did you try using preseed with the cup? I took evening primrose oil and prenatals. But that was it.

    Good luck to you and lots of baby dust!!

  115. NuM NuM permalink
    February 26, 2011 8:08 pm

    I wanted to give tips on TTC b/c I know what it’s like to want a baby and I thought I would share how I have been blessed to get pregnant with this method. Pee on Clear blue easy sticks, tracking cervical mucas and using “instead cups” On the first day I would see cervical mucus I would have sex every other day and then start peeing on ovulation sticks. After ejaculation I would insert the instead cup – have my hubby make me orgasm manually – then lay with pillow under butt for 10 minutes each time and thirty minutes on the actual ovulation day. Good luck I wish you all the best

  116. March 31, 2011 9:35 am

    Neither 20 hours nor fertility aid are how the makers of the Instead Softcup currently intend for the product to be used, and their online information is clear on this point.

  117. Devin permalink
    April 9, 2011 4:30 am

    So I have a couple of questions. Should there be a certain day I should start using them within my ovulation time? Lately within my 4 day window of my ovulation time, my DH and I have started BD on day one and did so every other day. Should we continue that? Or should we BD everyday in that time zone? I’m also nervous about if I put the cup in right, if it gets stuck. And if I know that I set it in right.. (sorry if this is TMI) Well I’ll keep posted if it works. Thanks again!

  118. May 22, 2011 9:24 pm

    I figure it’s worth a try. Wish I was hearing more success story, but I will try about Anthony at this point. In theory it seems like a good plan.

  119. Naomi permalink
    June 10, 2011 6:24 pm

    Hi Ladies,

    My husband and I have been ttc for 15 months now. This month I decided to go all out using all the tricks I’ve heard of. This will be my first month using the Instead Cups. Also on my first round of Clomid. I figure I’d go the full mile and use PreSeed AND Robitussin. Will let you know how it goes!

  120. Waiting Patiently permalink
    June 12, 2011 9:52 am

    We have been TTC for 21 months now. We’ve gone through 16 Clomid cycles, hubby has been tested. I found out that I have endometriosis along with a hyper thyroid. My Dr. won’t prescribe anymore Clomid and we have both been on Fertilaid for two months. Has anyone else been diagnosed with this and gotten a BFP with Soft Cups? I’m skeptical because of everything else that we have tried :/

  121. kara permalink
    June 30, 2011 11:36 pm

    Me and my partner tryed for six months or longer and nothing worked and then we used the instead cup one time and we are now 6 weeks pregnant so it does work wonders and there is more to getting pregnant then just putting in the cup you need to look up instead cup for conception and it will tell you all about it

  122. kara permalink
    June 30, 2011 11:45 pm

    Ok how to use it if you are a straight or same sex couple this is how me and my partner was told to use it and it worked for us ok have the male sperm in the cup and it needs to be warm and dark in the room then put it in as fast as posible and this is the most important part of all you have to have a oragasm by stimulation ONLY and if you can more then one works even better it opens the cervix so the sperm can go inside and and make sure if you are normal period that you try this on the 12th 14th and 16th day after your period its very important and the other thing is its better to do it at night and if you cant do it at night lay down with your butt in the air for atleast a hour me and my partner did it before bed and when we woke up we took it out so this is my story on how to do it i hope it works for you other people trying to have a baby good luck and remember never give up hope KEEP TRYING

  123. kerry permalink
    July 10, 2011 10:26 am

    hi every1 weve been ttc for 19 months but no luck at all, found out partner has low motility so gutted, so just found these out and hope that they work soo bad wish us

  124. July 11, 2011 9:58 am

    You know, I certainly think it will help couples conceive. I am just thankful that I don’t need to use these stuff to bear a child. When we got married, we had a baby 9 months after, that means, our honeymoon baby! 🙂 And now, just turned 2 years as a married couple, we will be having our second baby anytime this month. 🙂

  125. Gill permalink
    August 25, 2011 7:56 am

    Its also good if you have a light sperm allergy.
    It prevents the liquids from reaching the more sensitive parts. And you can’t take all the stuff out at once.

  126. Bergitta permalink
    January 31, 2012 7:41 am

    My husband and I have been trying for about 18 months now and we still have no baby. I don’t want to do IVF or anything like that. I’d like to stay natural if I can.

    Does anyone one know how you can increase your fertility or chances of conceiving?

  127. Jenna permalink
    February 8, 2012 8:25 am

    Hello everyone! I posted in Nov 2010, about my success using the soft cup. My healthy baby was born August 2011, he is now 6 months. This made a believer out of me, but if youve been ttc forever, go see an endo, just to rule out blocked tubes and such. I had pcos(treated with metformin) that was causing my infertility, and the softcup was the extra push we needed to get pregnant. Also, to those doing the sex every other day… I tried the every other day sex for years. Nothing. So I switched to everyday and stuck a softcup in. I just got annoyed with trying to predict the exact day of ovulation.

  128. red permalink
    May 15, 2012 4:33 pm

    Hi everyone just thought I would let you know my story.. I had my first son when I was 20 with no help which would be 10 years ago I have beening trying for 8 years.. so I just came to find this softcup and pregnant 7 months now..I went to so many doctors nothing was showing up didn’t think anything was wrong…I tried it once and it did the trick:) good luck girls I really tried everything out there from vitex herb and others and my friend couldn’t get pregnant and she went on metform which is also something to ask your doctor if you don’t have periods:)

  129. Anon permalink
    September 23, 2012 6:35 am

    For anyone experiencing problems conceiving it is a frustrating time. I know this because I regrettably suffered a miscarriage and for the following two years have not fallen pregnant. In that time I’ve watched others fall pregnant and have children and it has just reminded me more of what I lost.

    I purchased the soft cup as an alternative to tampons and was surprised what I googled it to see fertility mentioned. I read up about the success stories about combing soft cups with conceive plus lubricantand thought that there was no harm in giving it a go. Well it worked the first time I tried it and now I am finally pregnant after a two year wait. Maybe it is a coincidence and maybe I was just lucky but I’d happily recommend anyone trying soft cups for fertility just in case they get the same result.

  130. Nichole permalink
    January 30, 2013 4:42 am

    The hubby and I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year now. I’m 27 and he’s 30. I think I might have been pregnant back in Nov/Dec of 2011, but I don’t know for sure. My period was 7 weeks late then, and when I did finally get my period it was very heavy and extremely crampy. Since that time we decided to seriously concentrate on having a baby and it just hasn’t been happening for us. We’re trying these Softcups in hopes of being able to have a baby before the end of this year. Tonight was the first time I used one. Our plan is to BD every other day, inserting the Softcup after each time for 6-8 hours. The TMI details…some semen still came out after I inserted the cup. I expected that, I don’t really see a way to “trap” it all by my cervix. I didn’t orgasm after using the cup, but now I’m thinking that might be a good idea for next time. I didn’t find it difficult to insert, but I’m not entirely sure it’s leak-proof. It might take a couple of tries to master the position I’m supposed to angle it in. I haven’t pulled it out yet, but I was adjusting it and it doesn’t seem like it will be a problem to remove. This is the last month we are going to be trying for a baby this year (I don’t want a birthday around the holidays), so I’ll check back in sometime in Feb/Mar to let ya guys know how things went. If it doesn’t work, we’ll be trying again after May 2013 to shoot for Feb 2014.

  131. Faith permalink
    May 28, 2013 2:33 am

    Shut up! All you are doing is nagging and finding fault in all that this blogger said. We all are made from a different mold. No two people are capable of vaginally delivering a soft cup sitting on the toilet, because their vagina is loose as a goose. Even prescription medicines are used for off label purposes. I bet you are the same person that runs and tell everything that’s not done by the “label”. We’re living in a versatile world. The only thing that matters is if it works for me, I could care less if it didn’t work for you. To each his own.


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