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Welcome to Caitlain’s Corner, Sex Ed Resource [Updated December 2009]

June 18, 2007

Note: There apparently has been some online drama about the authenticity/identity/behavior of the apparent proprietor of the Caitlain’s Corner website mentioned below. Although the site is currently down, I have removed the links from the post below and added this note to indicate that there is a question about it. I’ve done this rather than remove the post entirely, so I’m accountable for my own past posts/linkage, which I take seriously as a librarian.

I have not been back to the site since I first visited when this was originally posted more than two years ago; this is a good lesson to me to revisit new sites periodically to see if they hold up, are generally accurate and up to date when they have more content added, what people are saying about them, etc.

I don’t claim to know the veracity of the statements being made, but I’m uncomfortable with the situation; here are some comments you can read in order to know what the conversation is; note that part of the conversation is about whether Caitlain and Alexa di Carlo are the same person: here; here; here; here; here; here; here. -Dec 2009

Via my blog stats, I learned of the Caitlain’s Corner website, an online sex ed resource “designed to provide honest, legitimate sex education to pre-teens, teens and young adults so that they can grow up with a safe, healthy appreciation for sex and their sexuality!”

Caitlain’s Corner covers a wide range of sex education topics, such as anatomy, puberty, body image, relationships, rape, sexually transmitted infections, birth control, sexual orientation, masturbation, and positions and techniques. The “campus testing center” lets you test your knowledge of many of these topics, although it didn’t work in Firefox on my machine. Information for parents is also included, as is a >state-by-state guide to laws affecting sex and reproduction. A discussion forum is also provided, but you must register to use it.

Caitlain, the site’s proprietor, also runs a related blog – be forewarned that it includes language and images that are likely not safe for work. The author is not currently a sexual health professional, but you can read more about her here. I spot-checked a couple of topics, and didn’t see anything that looked factually wrong, but I have not reviewed the entire site. As a medical librarian, I’d like to see more sources and dates the topics were updated, but the site may serve as a good starting point for those wanting to explore sexuality and sex ed topics.

Update: Via conversation with the site’s owner, I learned that date of last update for pages may be added soon, and they’re working on the “campus testing” section.

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  1. Joe Homeowner permalink
    October 25, 2010 12:51 pm

    As it turns out, the person is actually a man.

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