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Who is Evelyn Kappeler? (a call to the librarians)

April 3, 2007

Last week, it was reported that Eric Keroack had resigned from his position as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Population Affairs at the Department of Health and Human Services. Evelyn Kappeler has been appointed as acting director until a new replacement can be named (no word yet on whether she may be named to the post).

However, nobody seems to know much about Kappeler – even Planned Parenthood stated on its SaveRoe blog, “We are working on finding out more about her. Stay tuned here for updates – or lend us a research hand and post what you can find out!”

I did some digging, and found nothing on Kappeler that pre-dates her population affairs work. It strikes me as unusual (although not necessarily amiss) to find such a small electronic “paper trail” on just about anyone in this day and age. However, perhaps one of you will think of a search or resource that I didn’t check. I’m looking for information on her background (prior work), affiliations, positions on issues of family planning – Keroack was involved in anti-contraception, anti-choice work, and “crisis pregnancy centers” – how is Kappeler similar or different? Librarians in the crowd – what can you find for me?

Meanwhile, RHReality Check is reporting a second HHS resignation, this time from Wade Horn, Assistant Secretary for Children and Families, which administers abstinence education grants.

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